As an advantage over candidates for the open position on tenders?

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Among the key parameters of applicants for open position from the standpoint of the employer usually distinguish:

  • work experience in this position,
  • presence of theoretical training (ie education) in this specialty.

However, most competitors either do not have the required experience in the post, or have an inflated salary expectations.And then employers pay close attention to those who have the least theoretically trained, because the absence of practical experience - the same ephemeral disadvantage as excessive youth worker: quick passes with time.

Many of our compatriots naively believe that an employer has only the value of diplomas of higher education in the relevant specialty.However, this is not the case, otherwise it would have worked in the specialty, acquired in high school.In Russia, a small part of the holders of higher education were employed in accordance with their diploma.The presence of the diploma says only that the applicant studied for 4-6 years of general theoretical subjects.In this special training he underwent in the amount of 72, 144 or 250 academic hours, and then not passed.That is, he could over the years of study in high school to learn the basic concepts of sociology, political science, to learn to speak French on secular themes, but did not have knowledge of the basics of the contract system and try his luck to get contract manager in major state organizations.

What to do if you have lost the habit of 5-6 years to be a lawyer or an economist, and you suddenly have offered to participate in the selection for the open position on the implementation of public procurement?Trying to put on perhaps?More study 4 years, received a second degree?

relatively quickly, and better advance an advantage over candidates for the open position, with no experience in this position, any diploma of higher education are required and can be passed an appropriate course of training or retraining.Particularly relevant speed of obtaining the necessary specialization (qualification) specialist requirements Today when great demand for such specialists ("tender" - is everyday, colloquial, not a scientific or legal name of the procurement procedures, which include competitions, auctions, requests for quotations andsentences).And this demand by employers will increase in the coming years faster than supply in the labor market.While your competitors are trying to retrain a specialist in tenders to obtain a second higher education, you can already sign up for training courses in 44 or Law 223-FZ, and even better - professional training on 44-FZ.It's enough to have had one higher education or vocational education.

in accordance with applicable law, the duration of refresher course is an average of 24 days, and professional training - not less than 40 days.In the first case, you get a certificate of professional development, in the second case - the diploma of vocational retraining.The cost of the training depending on the number of hours of study such as the Inter-Regional Academy of training, ranging from 5900 to 14900 rubles.Add to them the postage - and it's all your expenses for the acquisition of indisputable advantages over the competition in the "struggle for the sun."Upon completion of training you receive full document proving your new specialization (qualification).