What is Sharia?

Today, the word "Shariah" Many shudder.But not everyone has a clear understanding of this concept.So today there are many different hypotheses and erroneous views on Sharia.So what is it?

Myths about Sharia

due to misrepresentation by the media, some think it refers to a certain volume, which collects medieval laws, telling about the cruel punishment, but it is far from clear definition of what the Sharia.For example, on the stoning of small frivolity.This is not surprising, because in today's world are familiar brief novelettes and legitimate business.

There is also a view that the Sharia, which harshly punishes small pranks, nothing to serious crimes because absolutely any accusation constructed with at least four witnesses.All these moments are accompanied by poor neighborhoods of Third World countries, where they live disenfranchised women in veils, and alcohol is prohibited.

What does the term "Sharia"?

Religion of Islam has many subtleties, one of which is the Sharia.First of all, this is not the Criminal Code.That's what many people think, so there are many misconceptions about this concept.Sharia and has one species of the countries.He is a divine institution.

can say that Sharia is the Holy Qur'an, which is read as a command to action.If translated literally, this word is interpreted as a "clear path" that leads to the source.Sharia is also considered a reference point, draws a person's life and in the private and in the public view.

Moreover, Sharia is a path that leads man to the highest point of perfection.Gracious and Merciful Allah opens this way, and also warns about the things to watch out for, and where you want to approach.Also, Allah warns against large and small.

bans Sharia (Haram)

What is Sharia, can be understood in terms of its prohibitions.Thus, according to sharia prohibited the use of alcohol.Wine is what provokes intoxication.At the same time it is a god to some people who are devoted to different days and holidays.In addition, the guilt sacrifice wealth, put their trust in him, believing that it gives courage.However, unpleasant side drunkenness visible to many, since those close to him, walks on the edge of the abyss, and it is unlikely to reach perfection.The main benefits of wine is only temptation, followed by a difficult hangover.

Sharia does not recognize the game for the money, because he believes that the casino people are fans of idols.The player is chained to the game and often whispers to himself unnecessary prayers.He believes that beginners luck, but forgets what ends the way players.As a rule, come ruin or the cheating mates and partners.In any case, such an outcome fills their hearts with anger and disbelief, and destroys trust in people, regardless of faith or religion.

Shariah prohibited divination.It's no secret that they are an attempt to look into the future.And who knows it, but Allah?At the same man fortune-teller did not cry.Also, if he foretold yourself something nice, then immediately forgotten, and if not too pleasant - doubt dwell in his soul.

Sharia does not recognize the dishonesty.You can not defame, violate the commitments, as well as acquire profits through deception.By itself, dishonesty destroys the trust that is the foundation of social life, which leads to spiritual death.

According to the established laws, the foundations of Sharia forbids adultery, because it is abnormal relations that occur are usually not between husband and wife.According to Sharia marriage is not a sacrament and not a formality, and willingness to care for each other and give birth to children.

At all times the family is a necessary condition to raise a normal child's grade.And adultery can destroy a family and spiritually kill children.According to Sharia need to marry faithful women.In this category are not girls, not married wives and various relatives.However, Sharia is allowed to have four wives at the same time, it is not necessary.

why marry a third does not mean divorce from second.The divorce is the most hated of all the permission of Allah process.And violence and various forms of perversion are considered extreme kinds of adultery, which is punishable by a very strong punishment.This makes it possible to make sense of the question of what the Sharia.He gives

ban on theft, which is a direct indication of the secret removal of someone else's property.At the same time the thief - a robber, openly and forcibly seize the property.At the same time a clear distinction between theft of Sharia and the spoils of war, which is taken from the enemy in time of war, declared in case of a possible attack.

Shariah prohibited murder.These restrictions are highlighted, in the case of Muslims, children, visitors and prisoners.Exceptions include the death penalty, as they are considered capital punishment for any serious crimes, as well as murder, in a situation ssovershennye necessary protection.

Sharia does not allow suicide, although some faith and religion stick man.As a rule, he can kill himself when faced with a variety of serious problems.However, because they are not God, and too small to sacrifice for them.Problems are only a consequence of wickedness, as people had hoped for something, and it was just a barrier, and when it disappeared, there was a great tribulation, which is a result of lack of faith or wrong faith.Sharia calls for worship that will disappear and not to call the angel of death, because he - the messenger of God.But it is a conscious self-sacrifice for the sake of Allah is not considered a suicide.

Islamic Sharia has also some food taboos.So, you can not take in food pork, blood, the flesh of animals that have died themselves, and not strangled and killed in the name of Allah.Not everyone understands the mind.Prohibitions are used to ensure that people are not put in front of the mind of faith.However, in extreme cases some points relating to the meal may be waived.

Shariah prohibited polytheism.Absolutely all atrocities, crimes, wrongs, and subsequent mental suffering can be explained by the fact that people have no spiritual core, a common basis for many of their decisions.

Polytheism is the root of all crimes, because it is in Religious and moral concept.Religion Islam says that the gods themselves are considered to be the phenomenon that covers all of them.In the case where the offenses are committed or the same offense, it indicates that a person guided by other grounds, that is, to serve other gods.

However, they are wrong, but God is one.After all, the earth simply can not exist two or consummation of creators, as they would limit each other.The rest of the deities are pure fiction, so polytheism is considered idolatry.

Regulatory Sharia

First Sharia prescribes a common belief in one God, who is God.Following from this, it is necessary to know what the Sharia, as well as the following rules:

  • openly profess this faith and implement it in action, and do not deny it;
  • have confidence in the prophets and the facts that have been discovered in the scriptures (the last of them - the Koran);
  • constantly strengthen faith in Allah through the five daily prayers;
  • increase faith in God, fasting in the bright day;
  • serve Allah through the pilgrimage to Mecca (the Kaaba shrine);
  • give alms;
  • destroy unbelief, that is to participate in Jihad;
  • eat with the name of Allah.

Family Sharia

Women and wife should dress in a very decent, closed and modest clothing and covered his head with the help of the hijab (veil, like the one that was wearing on his head the Blessed Virgin Mary), protecting and covering their beauty.

With regard to inheritance law, its rules of Sharia quite clearly prescribed.Here's son receives a share twice as much as the daughter.Parents, brothers or sisters have a sixth share, and his wife - the eighth.And when the man did not leave children, wife and mother have a share of fourth and third respectively.

Sharia law

Shariah law is a system of social requirements, which includes a certain penalty after violations.As a rule, there is no society that can do without the law, as no one wants to be a powerless man.However, even the criminal community have created some terrific concepts by which they are governed.

European rules are based on a social contract, but it is rather fragile foundation.Concepts such as Islam and Sharia are known worldwide.According to sociologists, millions of people are guided by the interests of the lowland, and from the perspective of political science, modern technology can make the crowd think how small interest groups.The Muslim people can not be considered a fully legitimate European law.

truly right and legitimate in the eyes of Muslims can be very consistent with the requirements of Sharia law (Sharia).Religion Muslim states that in order to maintain justice, it is necessary to have a punishment that would be equal to the crime.It should be more carefully considered criteria and different types of crimes.

to limit the arbitrary interpretation of the Quran Muslim people is based on the Sunnah (the amount of authentic hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad).These hadiths are comments and unlike the Koran are not considered God's words and actions of people, led by Allah.This hadith can not exist separately from the Koran.

value Fiqh

rules which accord with sharia, fiqh is called.It appeared when we were the first caliphs, and comes from the four schools of interpretation of Sharia.In addition, the features of Sharia and its rules are not the same even within the same state.Prison, for example, originated in the Caliphate under the Caliph Omar, but before they were not (even when ruled by Abu Bakr and Muhammad).This means that the Sharia is unshakable, as is his right (the list of offenses and the level of punishment for them) can vary due to factors associated with the country, state or epoch.

Allah does not recognize the error, so the concept of a crime is presented as a human thing.God can only indicate some guidance, therefore, to live according to Sharia law in a particular country does not mean that it goes back to the medieval origins, which were conducted during the investigation and various punishments.Islamic law, for example, is history, but the statement of Allah can not be distorted.

This does not need to give up any modern medical and criminological different experiments and such examinations and historical Islamic law has no such crimes.The process of establishing the Sharia - so right now coherence with its rules.

Sharia and its punishment

Religion Muslim has some punishment for certain crimes.European law has three kinds of punishment, consisting of the death penalty, imprisonment and a fine.In recent years, European countries have witnessed frequent failures of the death penalty on such grounds that people have no right to deprive a person of life (even in cases when it really deserves).But it is unclear in which situations and where the people were right to deprive a person of liberty.

If there is to be a lone offender, its isolation from the full-fledged society may well be effective.But prison is not always a humane and fair way of punishment.For the leaders of the criminal worlds turns into a closed prison board with all that is necessary for life.For ordinary criminals same prison can be a living hell, where life can be even more brutal than the law stipulates.

For example, in Russian prisons, inmates may well be infected with various diseases, such as tuberculosis or the other dangerous diseases.Moreover, they are often beaten and even die.Thus, the majority of prisons converted into a set of criminal or thief culture and substituting rodent modern society.

types of punishments Sharia

Sharia rules do not provide for imprisonment as a punishment, despite the fact that the historical Islamic law permits it.Sharia contains four types of punishments.

1. The death penalty.It provided for the punishment of murderers of the innocent and those who spread mischief.Muslim exposed executions in three main ways: for murder, apostasy or adultery.It's quite important for the modern world.Penalty will not be severe punishment for serial killers, sex maniacs or people apostasy which led to bloody losses.Sharia does not indicate the way to the destruction of the offender, only one place the Koran is fixed Beheading.

2. Clipping hands.This penalty applies when a proven theft.In this procedure, the stiffness after the offender to go home.And in the Islamic Emirate of all thieves in front of the repossession made even local anesthesia.The result of the use of such punishment was almost complete disappearance of the theft.

3. Porky.This measure penalties different types of adultery, but for those people who do not have a legal marriage.Features Sharia also involve spanking and slander that resulted in the conviction of the innocent.Usually it has done about a hundred strokes, and in Russia, this method of punishment is not uncommon, because it is often used in various Cossack communities.

4. Fines are the mildest form of punishment, and provided, for example, manslaughter or is for breach of contract.Sharia measures penalties feedings of the poor.When the contract is broken, they are equal to the cost of a simple meal of one family.

If the case of a repetition of crime, the penalty can be tightened.

introduction of Sharia rights significantly helped to get rid of Russia and many post-Soviet countries from the terrible inhuman imprisonment and legacies of the Gulag that distribute impact on law-abiding people.

Sharia and Life by its rules

Thus, the Muslim Shariah is not only a collection of duties, prohibitions and clear list of laws, but also provides for punishment for actions committed.It is a way of security and moral life according to God's Will and Grace.It is a certain code of conduct, which is set by Islam and a Muslim laws.

He carries a large force to help implement the aspirations of the Muslim nation, wants to find himself and to find the right way.Sharia covers absolutely every aspect of human life and consists of rules that relate to the service of God and commercial matters, as well as family law.