Services by printing.

Since then, as the printing began to actively build in the production of sales, competing battle for the customer between the production manager and manager of advertising agency (RA) has escalated.

Each party uses its advantages at the conclusion of the transaction with the end client.Thus, printing tends to find customers without the help of Armenia and the Republic of Armenia is committed to providing a more complete and convenient package of services to customers, and to place orders in the printing.This RA requires a minimum mark-up of production manager, to increase their own profits.And this profit is dependent on the policy and strategy in the company RA, mainly on the individual management of each RA individually.

In turn, the production manager is also not asleep and is now doing manual (quotations) direct customers, trying to raise the cost of the order as high as possible strips, which recorded a printing house, with the money for this personal motivation.

In fact, the problem is the same for both managers, although they sit in different rears.

dependence in which a competitive market is determined by the price on request.

1. Quality manager (his ambition, knowledge of market prices in the field of printing, the ability to identify the needs of clients when requested, not only operate on low prices, dumping, offering more economical options (when it is not required), which often leads tolower product quality, etc.)

2. production quality (strategy and conditions in the company, which form the basic minimum cost per order: optimization and economic performance, financial arrangements for procurement of material ambitions Guidelines for profit)

3. quality of RA (turnover, range of advanced services, flexibility in working with clients, responsiveness, ambition Guide to profit)

thus identified specific advantages for different sides:

- production manager is a representative of the printing andguarantee service of the company where he works, is able to control the manufacturing process in person.

- RA Manager offers a wide range of services, works with all printers of the city, which means it can be more flexible in customer relations.

Formation Order Value

Printing have different economic indicator of its production profile for the manufacture of products is also different, ie, someone typing in the main magazines in hot melts, some more profitable collects them on a paper clip, and someone printsleaflets brochures in large volumes, and the production was enchanted by it.Accordingly strap Minimum order value for each printing is different, and it very much depends on the success of a manager who is assigned to a specific production.

But perhaps this:

client, referring to the services of RA, pays for the printing industry to print this production is less than if he were directly addressed to the manager of this production.In this case - it is the ambition of the manager (20% cheat, or industrial policy of the company) and the right strategy broker who works with this printing house at the rate of 5% and does not cheat more than 10.Printing is also interested to work with a broker, because the main thing for her - this is the amount if the minimum bracket has profitability.

Manager Armenia, having experience and cooperating with reliable printing houses, but rather to specific managers can always cost-effective to place an order, thus offer an adequate price tag of his client.It was one that satisfied customers as this is the main task of his first step.But there is a question of trust, as the manager actually represents the company's services, which is a mediator.And in this case, everything depends on the professional qualities of the manager.

make an unambiguous choice in one direction or another is not possible, the choice is Client.