Interest-free credit

unlikely that someone will be able to remain indifferent to the proposal to take the credit that does not mean the payment of interest.Yes, the proposal is indeed more than tempting.Anyway, that borrow from the best friend.

today-free rates can be heard from any of the sources of information.All organizations only think how else to attract borrowers.Interest-free credit!It sounds, of course, incredible, but many take it without hesitation.People are always wary of such proposals see any dirty trick.Convince them is quite difficult.

free credit

In general, it can be on a variety of products.Some organizations even offer free credit for cars.It is not difficult to imagine how a large amount involved.Yes, interest-free auto loans actually exists.

Let's still look at things through rose-colored glasses.It is no secret that the main bank receives income from loans it.That is its main income - interest that borrowers pay on their loans.What is the profit received by the bank, if will lend at zero percent.Right thoughts, his profit will be equal to the same zero.The situation may seem pointless and absurd.

If interest-free loan does not bring financial institution benefits, then why is it needed at all?Open secret: The percentage is still there.The bottom line is that it is hidden.There are two possible options: the percentage included in the price of goods or incorporated in fees.In the first case it is not a bank loan, but the most ordinary installment, which provides store.In both cases, the lender will make every effort that the borrower was unable to detect the presence of the overpayment.

If the bank laid the interest of any commission, then to calculate them is not always easy.The fact that the bank's employees in preparation of documents will mention them in passing.No detailed explanation borrower receives.All banks act in their own way.In some cases, customers are invited to pay a fee in order to avoid paying the first installment.In truth, for mortgage payments, this fee will not be assigned - the amount you have to pay will remain the same.

Banks may be required to pay a fee for the transfer of bank funds, opening of accounts and other banking operations.At first glance, these amounts may seem small, but collectively their might surprise you.As a rule, so the lender Bank takes about ten percent of the issued amount.
Banks often exhibit imagination.They can ask the service charge accounts for the consideration of the application may even say that the Commission will have to pay for the fact that the loan was granted in cash.

It should understand that the loan can not be interest free, unless imply any additional charges.

products on the market today is very tough competition.Everybody is trying to outdo each other.Entrepreneurs are opening shops, trying to cash is not honest ways.What is it?To start up the rumor that offer interest-free loans, but do include all the interest charge.It is not always possible to calculate that the product really should be cheaper.Shops that do not value their name, can sell cheap goods of poor quality (but as two drops of water similar to the good) for over-inflated prices.Confuse the buyer and suggest to him that there is an interest-free loan is not that difficult.People are subconsciously drawn to the economy.The result?As a result, they can overpay a good amount.

free credit - a myth.Do not trust those who it offers.Interest-free credit - it's a great marketing tool that helps stores and financial institutions to capitalize on the naive citizens.