10 most bizarre beauty secrets

journalists overseas Internet publications have decided to try to imagine the strange beauty secrets and eventually chose ten who work.However, before resorting to traditional methods, be sure to consult a dermatologist, they emphasize.

Secret 1. So dandruff they offer to get rid of using aspirin.Acetylsalicylic acid will remove dead cells and enhance the living tissue of the scalp.No wonder this substance is an active ingredient in many dandruff shampoos.The well-known recipe offers to dissolve 10-12 pills in a cup of warm water, apply the resulting solution to the washed wet hair and gently to massage.Then thoroughly wash your hair, apply conditioner.

Secret 2. With greasy hair roots can remove excess fat with the help of baby powder.Take a brush, a little powder and brush swipe at the roots.

Secret 3. Pimples and rashes can be treated with toothpaste.Just put on a 15 minute bit of toothpaste on the pimple and you speed up recovery, as a pair of menthol uncork the pores and paste gather excess fat.Mint, which is found in most toothpastes, freshen the place rash, prevent its spread.

Secret 4. for beautiful color blend bronzer powder and body lotion.This is the part needed to create the effect just returned from the beach holidaymaker.

Secret 5. Instead jelly for removing eye make-up, you can use olive oil.

Secret 6. to eat a strawberry white teeth.It contains malic acid, which is a natural antiplaque agent.You can also brush your teeth strawberry paste.

Secret 7. on the beach make a scrub feet with sand and sea water.But do not linger after the sun.

Secret 8. to shine and sunburn, use vinegar.It must be diluted in three times, and then applied to the skin or hair rinse solution obtained.A few minutes after the application thoroughly rinse the hair or skin.

Secret 9. Keep nail polish in the refrigerator.Then you can enjoy them for much longer.

Secret 10. careful with cold shower, journalists say.Cold water may be added at the end, when you have washed the sebum and bacteria warm water.But expect to be clean only after the cold water is not necessary.

As a bonus secret beauty journalists cause long-known way to get rid of bags under the eyes - briefly put tea bags on the eyelids.

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