The unexpected question: how much are the coin of the USSR?

Many in the distant Soviet childhood saved money.As a rule, it was the little things.Someone left a coin on the memory, and some have given to their children.But few people realize that this is money well spent.Of course, not all items are expensive.The numismatic coins are valued on a number of criteria.So how much are the coin of the USSR?

All coins can be divided into normal and commemorative pogodovku.The latter are characterized by the fact that available to some memorable date, and on the obverse has a unique pattern.They may be formed of precious metals, as well as from a conventional alloy.But even ordinary running instances over time can really go up in value.

What determines the value of a thing?First of all, from the circulation.The less an instance of the higher price.No wonder that the piece works of masters who value much higher than the mass of the product.It's the same with coins.Also, all depends on the Mint, on which they are made.In Russia, the two of them.One in Moscow, the other in St. Petersburg.For commemorative coins Soviet Union vary greatly in price.The first copy was released in 1965.Its circulation has exceeded 50 million.But modern numismatists appreciate it in the amount of 110 rubles and above.Compared commemorative coins issued for the Olympics-80 in an amount of from 300 to 500 thousand copies, are estimated at 2-3 thousand rubles.We should also mention the coin with the image of the Kremlin.Its price has already reached 14 thousand rubles.But we must not forget that the important and preserved specimens.Numismatists allocate a separate group of ASC, ie coins, which were never used.There is such a category as Proof, ie coins made using polishing stamp.Copies of this group at auction estimated at tens of thousands of rubles.

So how much are the coin of the USSR?The price range is very wide.Some still are sold at face value.Others believe rarity and their value is estimated from several hundred to tens of thousands of rubles.So, numismatists appreciate copies issued in 1947 and 1958.For example, if you have 50 cents in 1958, then you can sell them for 70 thousand rubles.

actually hard to understand how much the coins are worth the USSR.The easiest way - to apply to the antique shop to the appraiser.But note that this is a paid service.But eventually you will learn and the state of the coin, and the possible cost.Realize they can be either through the store, either on their own looking for buyers.You can refer to the forums numismatists.There you will just sell goods.If your coins have no value, then give them to beginning collectors.But now you know how many there are coins of the USSR.Incidentally, a separate category - the coins with the marriage.For example, there may be no mintmark, Smudges be incorrectly specified year.Sometimes it can be broken circle of the coin.All of this is considered to be a marriage and can be of great value for certain coin.So before you throw a trifle of a piggy bank, carefully inspect it.All of a sudden you get rich ?!