Dream Jobs

Australian travel agency has opened six positions, which he called "the best job in the world."Proposal of the organization is designed for young foreigners.

In 2009, the travel company Tourism Queensland has already conducted a similar action: if the candidates from around the world competed for the post of caretaker of Hamilton Island.

This campaign includes six vacancies, writes Lenta.ru.For foreigners invited to try yourself as a master prankster, a specialist in delicious food and drinks, adventurer, ranger of the national park, photographer and specialist supervision of wildlife.Successful candidates will have the opportunity to earn six months of 100 thousand dollars, and then they can go home.

representatives of travel agencies have told News Limited Network, that the idea of ​​"the best job in the world" was actually borrowed from Tourism Queensland by prior arrangement with the company.Moreover, the winner of the "best job in the world" - 2009 Ben Southall has starred in commercials, talks about the new job.

new "dream job" offered in the framework of international cooperation with Australia's young (18-30 years), representatives of foreign countries interested in temporary work in the continent.Learn the details of the action here.

Some residents have expressed outrage over the emerging job offers in Australia.So, young people believe that the travel agency in advance depriving them of a chance to get a high-paying job and to benefit the country and gives the money to representatives of foreign countries is unfair.

Young people coming to Australia from other countries spends on its territory up to 12 billion dollars.The country is visited by about 1.6 million young people each year (26 per cent of the total number of tourists).

In 2009, the "dream job" was named superintendent position Hamilton Island.Applicants must have been able to swim, to know English, interested in different kinds of tourism and have a penchant for adventure.Applications for the position applied for more than 35 thousand people, but victory eventually went to Briton Ben Southall.He spent six months on Hamilton Island.According to him, this experiment has changed his life.

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