How to make your hair thicker?

For centuries, women's thick hair was considered a sign of not only the genetic health of the owner, but also the financial well-being of her family.After caring for long thick hair it requires huge expenses.Today, the situation has not changed.Long and thick tresses - a luxury that can afford not every representative of the fairer sex.Is it possible to make hair thicker and thicker on their own, without seeking qualified professional help?Today, the answer is quite ambiguous.Proponents of professional beauty claim that strengthen and make them thicker only possible using the medication.But there are many reviews of real people who own, without any cosmetics to improve the condition of the roots and made thicker strands, thick and shining throughout.

Factors that affect the thickness of the hair

According to experts, the thickness of the curls depend on the number of follicles located on the head.Typically, there are about 100-150 thousand of the original "Tank", which grow stronger and develop hairs.During the day, each person loses about 100 of their units.This is absolutely normal process, indicating the update locks.But today there are many factors that weaken the roots, making the hair thin and dull.

First of all, this:

  • staining;
  • cosmetic styling;
  • chemicals styling;
  • ecology;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • improper care;
  • unhealthy lifestyle.

Useful tips from the world's leading hairdressers hair care

professionals recommend first of all analyze your lifestyle, perhaps, the reason lies on the surface.Review your diet, include a fruit and vegetables, replace animal fats with vegetable.Bake and cook foods, reduce intake of fried foods.

an experiment.Within a month, do not use a hairdryer.Hot air of this instrument - a major cause of fragility and subtlety of the female curls.Change your old hairbrush more gentle.Reduce the use of mousses, foams and nail styling.If you see positive changes, it may be your personal answer to the question how to make hair thicker and thicker.And you do without the use of special tools and referral to a specialist - a hairdresser or cosmetologist.

How to make your hair thick and dense in the home?

There are many recipes that have centuries of history and a positive experience of using more of our foremothers.If you have thin hair, how to make the thickness of the structure, you do not know, pay attention to the following recipes.At least one of them will be your panacea.

  • towel Rubbing the scalp every day for several months, not only significantly increases the density, but also the splendor of your hair.Before intensive rubbing, head drench with water at room temperature, moisture pat and rub the roots of towel burning sensation to the scalp.Because the blood during the procedure begins intensive swirl is increased height, thickness and number of follicles productive.For greater efficiency, you can tilt your head down.
  • Eat fish, green vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits, cereals and olive oil.These products are filled with vitamin P, PP, E, B and C, which promote hair growth.
  • head massage in circular movements of the fingers stimulates perfectly neutral "reservoirs".The strands are thicker and dense.These simple recipes prompt you, how to make hair thicker at home with minimal effort.

Natural recipes for hair beauty

The main issue on the agenda for all beauties: how to make hair thicker independently and without the use of synthetic means?Recipes nature an excellent job with the functions assigned to them to restore health and beauty hair.Natural mask, rinsing, rubbing the scalp of specially prepared mixtures significantly improve the growth and structure of curls.They make them thicker, thicker, return them to a natural shine and strength.Another plus: these drugs are more economical and much safer than visiting salons and expensive procedures, which often cause allergies and give the opposite effect.

Thanks so affordable, but effective recipe you will learn how to make your hair thicker, and within a month will see changes for the better.

Recipe 1

necessary to mix the yolk of one egg, 2 tbsp.tablespoons dry mustard, 1 tbsp.l.burdock oil and 2 boiled water.Apply the mixture on the hair roots, wrap head with a towel.Do not rinse for 40 minutes.Repeat the procedure 2 times a week for a month.

Recipe 2

you need to combine a tablespoon of olive oil unrefined with a tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk, mix the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and apply over the entire length of hair.Wrap your head in a plastic bag and a towel for 40 minutes.Repeat procedure should be 2-3 times a week for 30 days.Evaluate the result!You will not notice how in a few weeks your curls will become more beautiful and strong.

Recipe 3

solution Pepper and aloe juice, mixed in equal proportions, produce a great result after a few weeks.Apply the solution overnight, gradually promassiruyte hair roots.In the morning, wash head.

Another unique tool - lecithin.It is found in egg yolk.If you apply this mask twice a week, a month later the curls will become thicker, stronger and will gain luster.

Grandma's Secrets: How to make hair thicker at home

Many recipes for improving the structure of curls come to us even from antiquity.It would seem that such a method is relevant today as brushing matted curls brushes with natural bristles, it existed hundreds of years ago in Egypt.Oriental beauty of this state have always known how to make your hair thick, flowing, and make them shine.As you know, today many professional hairdressers recommend to bring his head in order in this way only.Time combs with metal bristles sunk into oblivion, they are considered a relic of the past.

Cedar masks are also very well established as a means that strengthens and nourishes weak strands.To prepare cedar milk you need a handful of nuts.They need to be finely milled, mixed with water until the consistency of thick cream and place in oven at 150 degrees for 20 minutes.Agent may be applied not only to the scalp, but also along the entire length of the hair.A few minutes later a mask must be washed and prepared milk in the refrigerator until the next time.Its use is recommended every three days for a month.After a two week break, the procedure must be repeated.

Improving the structure of the hair salon.Recommendations of professionals

So, if you do not like the density, thickness, appearance and health of your locks, but you're not an adherent of home therapy, refer to the salon to the well-proven specialist-trihologu.He will answer all your questions, pick up personalized treatments and care, will open the secret of how to make hair thicker.

range of treatments to increase the volume and density of head of hair salons is reduced to the application of professional cosmetic and sometimes medication to the roots, correct nutrition, professional head massage.

Another very popular means of modern residents of megacities - artificial hair extensions.The specialist will create the desired volume with additional locks.Despite a decent investment (such a procedure is not cheap) for a long time you will stop worrying about how to make your hair thicker.Incidentally, due to this method can increase not only the amount, but also the length of the strands.The most popular methods - capsule and tape capacity.

Daily care rules

to yourself to understand how to make your hair thicker, every woman needs to review and change your lifestyle - more to be outdoors, to quit smoking, go to bed before midnight.It curls - this is the main indicator of the health of the whole organism, and if they are gradually thinned and began to fall over - a signal to a revision of nutrition, lifestyle and attitudes.

Remember to follow these rules:

  • curls Wash only when dirt.
  • Use transparent shampoos.
  • Good hair rinse.
  • Use mask and balsam.
  • Massage the scalp.
  • not brush wet strands.
  • Use a soft brush with natural teeth.
  • Do not use a hairdryer.
  • Protect hair from the cold in winter, in summer the heat.

psychological and emotional health of the hair and

European scientists have already proved that a woman lives with emotion.That is why it than positive attitude, the better the quality of her life.By the way, if you are concerned about the issue of how to make your hair thicker, first of all, stop worrying.Stress - is the main enemy of a healthy, shiny and thick curls.Review your attitudes, be confident in the future - and your curls shine like a diamond in the sun, and impress not only you but also those around her thick.Do not get too much work - fatigue nobody is benefiting.

Timely haircut - a pledge of beauty hair

If you aspire to make your curls look is always ideal, but do not know how to make your hair thicker, shinier and make them well-groomed appearance, think about a regular haircut.An experienced professional will give the hair the desired volume, and visually they will appear thicker and thicker than it actually is.

staining individual strands visually increases hair.But do not get carried away, hurting the paint curl, and especially its improper application.Quite often, many of the fairer sex does not only change the color of their own, but also clarified in the home.It is not recommended to do.Trust the professionals on this issue, because they know exactly how to make thin hair thicker visually, without causing them any harm.