The writing on the theme of "easy to be young?": What and how to write

What is an essay on the theme "It's easy to be young?"?Based on the wording of topics, it is safe to say that this must be the reasoning.And write it better as a detailed answer to this question.


How best to start thinking about how easy to be young?The writing-argument usually starts with a question.Even if the theme is also in question.In this case, a good introduction to the main text could be the next paragraph: "Subject:" Easy to Be Young? "Today is very important. In fact, many believe that the early years - the best and carefree in every human life. But is itreally? In the modern, XXI, century young people a lot of responsibilities. And, in addition to their performance, they still need to learn, to earn money and have fun. It is necessary to think about how many of these "necessary" in the life of the boys and girls! Soshould think about what it really youth so carefree. "

entry of this kind will be a good beginning for the work.In it enough questions that will be open in the future, and besides it perfectly brings the reader to the topic and suggests certain thoughts.

main part

After the entry essay on "Easy to Be Young?"should represent the author, backed up by facts and arguments.They should not only be presented, but also justified.This work - it's not a stream of thoughts and logical text.In fact, an essay on the theme "Is it easy to be young?"for students it is not particularly difficult, because it is a vital and touches each of them directly.

Therefore, the material for each student works abound - you can take it right out of his not numerous life experiences.And by the way, when a person writes the text, based on what he had to endure, he gets much more interesting and "alive".


What should be an essay-argument "Easy to Be Young?"?First, simple, clear, accessible language set.It is not necessary to complicate the text of the many turns of phrase, quotations, aphorisms, artistic expression - it is useless.For example, you can write the following: "Young girls and guys have not so easy as it might seem. They need to learn to listen to and understand other people in contact with them, exist in society.

In actual fact, the youth -this is the most important time in the life of every human being. It is being young we make a choice of their future profession, we begin to try to find their place under the sun. We have to take a huge amount of decisions that will affect the future. "

Illustrative examples - the best argument

As mentioned earlier, all the statements that the pupil does in his essay, must be justified.Many in the text gives examples of which are the proof of all that has been said before.

most common example of a difficult choice in his youth can be considered as admission to the university.After all, how many know of cases where, for example, a young man was finishing university, getting a degree, after studying there 4-6 years and went to work in a completely different specialty.What does it mean?Six years for nothing?And what it is - to get the profession to which did not belong to the soul, spending is the best, as many say, the years of his life?What about work?Not all the parents provide for their children.We have to look for a place where you could make money on what you want to buy.Or at least more or less decent living.On whether it is necessary to spend his youth?

Another example - this is a personal life.Youth - the time when people fall in love, they begin to experience unusual emotions and feelings.But being young is so difficult to make an informed choice when behind absolutely no experience.Errors samples, the ups and downs - all this is the youth.


writing on the theme of "easy to be young?"It must be built on a definite plan.The structure can be as simple or complicated as the task of this kind is given in high school, and the requirements for registration will be inflated.So you need to know that work is not only of the entry, the main part and conclusion, but also a few from other parts.After the introduction of

usually goes formulation of the problem, and then - a comment of the author.It may also be his individual position.The reader is important to understand what the author thinks about the fact of what he was going to write.Even before all that sometimes put an epigraph - a citation appropriate for the subject.If there is a good statement that decorate the composition, it can be used.Everything should look natural.

main thing - to observe the structure and style of presentation.For the rest - complete freedom of choice.