Errors copywriters who should be avoided.

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To have a steady income from writing articles, you just need to learn quickly and a lot of writing.I strongly advise you to learn to touch type typing on the keyboard.But in the pursuit of volumes of articles, do not forget about their quality.Continually improve their skills, and you will not be left without a piece of bread.

Next I want to focus on what you do not have to do a professional copywriter.Here is a list of the most common mistakes copywriters.Let's go!

work without a plan.

most basic and most common mistake among copywriters, is to work without a plan of action.Starting to write the article, the author wrote it without any specific plan and strategy.As a result, the article contains a number of ambiguities and inconsistencies.

Blah title of the article.

RememberLousy title of the article and the use of jargon kill your article.Title of the article - it is her face.If the buyer does not attract the title of the article, it is unlikely he would even read a brief description of it.Technical terms, jargon or "padonkaffsky" Slang is not conducive to clarity.This style will have very negative consequences for you as a copywriter.

Most buyers of articles read only the titles of articles.So many successful copywriters believe that the good name of the is 80% of business success.If the name is not in a position to attract, it is almost certain she did not find a buyer.The name should be catchy, attractive and possibly even as impartial, able to intrigue the buyer at a glance.If you often have a problem with where to take the themes for items to sell, then you need to work on it.To learn some techniques to understand the nuances.

Description article.

is very important to make a brief, informative description of the article.It should explain to the buyer the article, all its advantages.She must convince its usefulness, and not be boring or written retelling pull from the text paragraph.

Use short sentences Avoid long paragraphs.Keep it short and simple, the text should be easily readable.Great article, for the most part, discourages readers.Short sentences are easy to read.They are easily digested.Simply follow each given argument.Long sentences can be useful to break a few short, you can also try using a dash.

Waste disposal consists of adjectives.

Most adjectives and adverbs do not add information, they simply take up space and makes your text stupid looking.Before you publish an article to remove all unnecessary adjectives.

Correctly use punctuation.

Punctuation also plays a vital role.Use correct punctuation in the right places, it is extremely important for a good perception.

Do not get too carried away by reference.

People love, how to refer to the views of authorities, and listen to the influential persons.So many copywriters often use quotes.Copywriters can get carried away so quotes that turn your text into plagiarism.As a result, the article can fall into the ban.So be careful when using other people's ideas and thoughts.

not write too long or too short articles.

RememberAs too large (more than 5000 or even more than 10000 characters) or too short (up to 2000 characters) article, and sufficiently long poorly sold.If you do not absolutely necessary, avoid using this format articles.

This concludes the list.If you are interested in this topic, I advise you to read a few more articles about copywriting.All the while!