And you know what's inside the Internet?

How is the Internet?Interesting fact: The Internet was born only during the Cold War as a project of the US military research organization called ARPA.Developers were tasked to some technological means to interconnect military computers so that the network continued its correct operation even in the event of a nuclear war or decommissioning of most of the communication nodes.The topology called "star" immediately rejected, you can build a network, but if failure brought central site, the connection would be lost and the network would cease to operate.It was also not possible to connect each computer with the help of individual lines, because too many resources would have to use.

Researchers have spent a lot of time, but were still able to find an ingenious solution to this problem.That's what they did: Connect your computer to the network and connected them with one another in several communication channels.In such a case, the information transmitted over the network packets (ie, portions) between the marked nodes.One such package contains all the information about the destination and moves straight to the goal the other node, thus finding the shortest path.In the case where the communication channel, which provides the shortest route, has been disabled or inactive, the information was of a different, longer, but active way that works correctly.But the most important advantage in this model - there is a control center, so bring down the entire system was extremely difficult and almost impossible.If someone asks, How does the Internet, then you can safely answer - like a spider web.

After some time in the network were connected to American universities, who were engaged at the time the study of defense technology, then organizations in allied countries, behind them and various commercial organizations.Broadband conquered the whole world with its simplicity and ease of information exchange.

It is thanks to their decentralized structures and the absence of the main control center "web" World Wide Web has become so popular.At the moment, no one developed country that is not used to all its advantages, but if this system had some central element, that such a project no one would be interested.

After all, if we analyze: what a corporation would develop an internal computer network if competitors do not have to figure out what's inside the web, get the remote to turn off all main and damage.In this case, the company ventured to stop production and disruption of the schedule, and in the worst case scenario - the leakage of confidential information.

illustrative example of resistance of modern web internet: during the war against Iraq, the United States tried to disable or restrict Internet access to the Iraqis.What came of it?It's nothing.While bodies that coordinate the work of the entire network, are found in America.

Next advantage of the Internet - the price.The work of the network provide the latest technology, which give low cost of this service in most countries.

The Internet can be called random invention, which was not intended for public consumption by all groups of the population in most countries around the world.His popularity has earned it the simplicity, banality and how arranged the Internet: there is no central management of all processes - no problem.Moreover, many people, when they come to rest, be sure to check whether they have in the hotel Internet access, so that they can communicate with their family and friends.