What can replace the cream?

cream are commonly used ingredient in many dishes and pastries.This product is distinguished by the fat content, by type - fresh or pasteurized.

Where to apply?

of cream prepared pastry cream, which decorate cakes, shortcakes promazyvayut, filled choux pastry dough.In addition, there are plenty of sauces and dressings.Based on the prepared cream cream soups, various casseroles and more.What can replace cream?

When it comes directly to the creation of some dishes, especially desserts, ingredients are not always at hand.Going specifically to the store to buy the missing, there is no time, and the costs are much higher than the budget.And sometimes a product is not available on the shelves.In such cases the use of acceptable alternatives without loss of palatability dishes.Recipes many preparations strongly recommend the use of these ingredients well.But in fact, many alternative products are no different.It turns out that the cost of many of the dishes can be reduced through the use of more affordable options.

To begin to distinguish between the situations in which the use of the cream is a must, and where you can safely take the similar products.Exceptions are mainly specific types of confectionery.

Replace cream

If you need to cook pastry cream for baking, it is safe to replace sour cream.Whisking it is not worse, but be careful not to overdo it and not to get oil.When done correctly, the result is in good taste.Also can serve as a ready alternative to condensed milk.To this must be added a little lemon juice.Especially delicious cream is obtained from protein and condensed milk.And yet another embodiment, and it turns out pretty good cakes impregnated or filled confection, for example, custard cakes.

In the case where you need to cook a souffle or, for example, the cake "Bird's milk", it is difficult to imagine what could be a substitute for cream.In particular, if you want to use them with some special kind of fat, 33%.However, there is a solution.Rescued can cream of oily or thick natural yogurt with the addition of gelatin.Crystals should be soaked, wait until they swell and then add alternative ingredients.Then the weight should be distributed on the basis of the product by applying the split mold.Also, the replacement can be done with home cream.They quickly whipped and have a high percentage of fat.

Milk - a great alternative

Many amateur cooks often wonder whether you can replace the cream with milk?After all, it is much cheaper, and the taste difference is not dramatic.Here it is necessary to look specifically at the recipe and its requirements.If you have to decorate a cake or filling, such as profiteroles, while milk can really come in handy.It must be used for the preparation of thick custard, adding other necessary ingredients.Cream can be replaced by milk in pure form, for example in sauces.

At high temperatures, it does not change the structure and has no differences in taste.The only difference is in the percentage of fat.Also one of the options could be the classic sauces, "Bolognese".To do this on a hot frying pan should put the butter, melt it, then sprinkle with flour and fry.When the mass acquires a golden color, it should be diluted with milk.In this case, it may be the opposite situation, when the whole prescription sauce prepared comes out.

Contact replacement

What can replace cream?Let's face it.For example, all the "Bolognese" can be replaced with cream of 15% with the addition of salt.Similarly, in julienne sometimes add beaten egg yolks, mixed with sour cream.This mix is ‚Äč‚Äčeasy to replace the liquid cream.You do not need to fear, because the sauce at a high temperature can curl.

In the case of exquisite dishes is often necessary to replace the intricate ingredients easier.For example, the cheese "Mascarpone" in many desserts favorite "Tiramisu".Of course, the alternative is so rare and expensive ingredient is.And it's cheese, rubbed with fat cream.

There are many recipes that use, for example, some exotic ingredient.One of these is the coconut milk, which is often based on a variety of prepared soups.This is exactly what you can replace the cream with the percentage of fat up to 15 units.Exceptions are completely vegetarian, the availability of animal protein and fat which is not allowed.

Conclusion Now you know that you can replace the cream.As you can see, the options are many.Therefore, try to trim the ingredients carefully.Delicious you experiment!