What if the "VKontakte" boot record error occurred

All users Runet, from children to the elderly, many years have your personal page on a social network "VKontakte".Some see this as a great way to socialize with friends and family, for someone, "VKontakte" - a way to earn money, or, on the contrary, rest, watching movies online and listening to your favorite music.

unknown errors music "VKontakte┬╗

Unfortunately, none of the social.network in the world can not operate without the possible errors, failures and other troubles.It is sometimes very upsetting users who, for example, want to relax a little, listening to your favorite songs.But often it happens that suddenly boot record error occurred.It's funny, but in this situation, people react very differently.Some are beginning to search for the causes of your computer: clean the cache, remove certain filters and so on.Others take the outright panic, which makes writing in support.And the third type of agreement simply wait until the disappointing message "boot record error occurred, please try to ref

resh the page," still disappear.Each user in such a situation in their own right, but in any case, there are a couple of general recommendations on this case.

problems the fault of the user

1. Be sure to check for an updated version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.Very often, in this lies the whole problem.Often, if there was an error loading the record happen collapse of the plug-in than to blame unpatched Flash Player.

2. The most banal but sometimes it may be an effective way to refresh the page, then - use a different browser or computer completely reboot.By the way, if the boot record error occurred in only one browser, maybe it is to reinstall or upgrade to a more modern version.If this does not help, check that it is compatible with your device.

error on the part of the computer

1. One of the main reasons could be the slow speed of the Internet, that simply does not allow playlist "VKontakte" played well and without errors.On special online resources you can check the speed of incoming and outgoing traffic, or to consult with your provider by telephone or online support service.

2. It sometimes happens that people trying to protect your computer, install anti-virus software.This also may lie the answer to the question why boot record error occurred."VKontakte" - is a popular social.network that many of the programs taken as a malicious site without good reason and to repeal the ban can only be using the settings of anti-virus system.

3. It also happens that the parameters of your operating system may not accept some of the files that have to face the computer.Well check all the settings from the sound and compatibility of all drivers.It usually takes quite a bit of time, but the result is not long in coming, and soon the music starts playing again without any problems as usual.

Problems site

1. And the sixth reason for which we, ordinary people, unfortunately, unable to influence - a problem on the site servers themselves, since they store very large amounts of information, with which techniqueit is sometimes difficult to cope.Do not rush to call the help desk, as is likely, it has already notified and try as quickly as possible to correct all errors and inconveniences.

Very well, if you deal with the problem when the boot record error occurred.Remember, this is the most common, it is a very small problem, which is once wisely decide to do away with it and forget it forever!