How to cook electric welding ?How to cook a vertical electric welding seam .How to cook electric welding metal

Quite often required to connect the metal parts or fragments of the details.There are several ways to obtain the desired result.The most common connection for iron and steel components used method of welding.

What is it based?

How to cook electric welding?To understand the principle of the need to remember the physics curriculum.One of the welding machine connected to the workpiece.When contact with the surface of an electric arc.At the point of contact forms a groove that is filled with molten metal as the movement of the electrode.The edges of the metal parts melt under the influence of huge temperatures and converted into a single unit.

methods arc ignition

learning how to cook for the metal by electric, should know something about the method.Distance and the high-temperature electric pulses between the workpiece and the electrode is called the arc.To create these conditions, there are two ways:

  • In the first case, the electrode (quickly touching) "strike sharply" for iron, if a match.ARISING arc need to keep driving the additive in a few millimeters from the working surface of the metal.
  • In the second case, the tip of the electrode should be sharply tap the workpiece.

The resulting arc should not go out.If it did happen before it continues electric welding seams must be cleaned of scale.Failure to do so leads to the formation of holes.

importance amperage welding

calculation of the current corresponding to the thickness of the electrode, show in practice how to learn to cook for electric welding.With low current electrode is sticky, and the arc - extinguish.At high current metal will spray out and burn.If we use the welding transformer, the electrode 1 mm corresponds to a current of 30-35 A. By using a welding electrode in the inverter 3 mm corresponds to a current of 80 A. If the increase amperage iron can be cut.

electrodes are selected taking into account the chemical composition of metal.There are several types of filler material:

  • steel;
  • bimetallic;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • brass.

They marked index and figures designating the purpose for which the metal hardness and thickness is every kind.

Learning how to cook electric welding, it is necessary to remember that in order to produce quality welds electrodes must match the thickness of the metal.

welding flat metal sheets

thin metals (1 to 3 mm) are connected end to end with no gaps, and additives, ensuring a good match-aligned edges.

to better fit joints thicker sheets (from 3 to 8 mm) the edges must be cut at right angles.Leave a gap between the sheets to 2 mm.The material thickness of 8 mm is connected to the two-way welding.To connect thicker planes edge bevel cut.

Where to start to learn to cook iron

Learning how to cook electric welding, starting with the most basic processes.

  • Cooked items are fixed on a flat surface (table for welding).
  • tack bonded at their edges and in the center.
  • be inserted into the holder of a new additive and attach the clamp to the part of the masses.Initially
  • fulfill the right slope of the electrode (about 75 degrees) in the direction of the arc.Thus it is necessary to make movements that seem to be raked the molten metal in the joint.
  • the electrode tip should fall on the center seam.Through compliance angle drops evenly drain with hot electrode and form a smooth roll-quality weld.
  • After cooling the workpiece need to fight off the slag from the surface of the part.

Time after time, as experience is gained, the stitches will receive all the smoother and neater.

How to make a vertical seam

How to cook a vertical seam of electric welding?The main thing - to start observing all the recommendations.Welding vertical joints similar to work horizontally, just a little bit harder.Billets prihvatyvayut in two or three places.Then weld are only from the bottom up, clinging drop by drop.Gradually, the entire gap is filled with hot metal.How to learn to cook electric welding?The goal is to merge the two edges of the melting of the welding arc, while also providing them with a drop of hot metal from the liquid state to the end of the electrode.

can not brew seam drops, and so-called "eight", but this can handle only an experienced specialist.So, if you're interested to know how to learn to cook a vertical seam of electric welding, it is recommended to look at the work of an experienced welder, listen to advice masters.And only then begin the process yourself.

How to make a beautiful and sturdy corner seam

right to do so-called "T-bar" seam is not as easy as learning to cook electric welding.This joint use, if you want to seal parts from different angles.Metal parts are installed so that the weld flowed into the corner.Fixed "boat" grab welded parts on opposite sides.In addition, one edge is raised slightly above the workpiece.The welding process should start with the bottom edge.In this case, carefully following instructions on how to properly cook electric welding, weld quality can be significantly improved.

How welder is better to use

  1. Vintage welders having a controlled magnetic gap, allowing to adjust the force of the current, - transformer.There are a lot of options and models, with additional dimmers and chokes on primary or secondary side of the transformer.
  2. Inverter units - more modern welders.Working from the high frequency transformer such units has smaller dimensions and low weight.In such devices, you can seamlessly adjust welding conditions.The setting should be carried out carefully latest, otherwise the machine can quickly be damaged.

pipe welding methods

In the absence of experience to learn how to cook a pipe electric welding, it is better on the thick metal.Depending on the thickness of the pipe wall making several passes.Multilayer welding improves the mechanical properties of the resulting weld connection becomes stronger.

First half-ring sealed to one side, then - in the second.In the method of conducting joint "top-down" are 4-mm electrodes having an organic spraying.With a short arc, relying on the image of the "hood" prefixes are small lateral oscillations.

When working on a method of "bottom up" sharply reduce the rate.Doing transverse vibrations of the electrode made of 3-5 mm.

When welding of pipes is first necessary to prepare and arrange all the material on the welding table or booth.Then they ottsentrovyvayut and pull together to achieve the desired welding gap.Assembled joints prihvatyvayut together.

pipes of small diameter combined continuous welding with a large diameter - discontinuous manner.After completion of all welding processes the working surface of the metal is cleaned of scale, frozen splash, slag.Held inspected for signs of cracking or burn-through, leaving craters or pores.If you have a poorly welded seam places made restoration.

For your own safety you need to work during welding suede gloves and mittens, a welder in the mask in tarpaulin or heavy leather shoes and cotton robes.Be sure to close must be a fire extinguisher or water dish.