10 little tricks in makeup

makeup - this is the magic wand with which Cinderella overnight could turn into a princess.Women are very well aware of this, because that's not one millennium use blusher, lipstick, mascara.

1. We often have to deal with an issue like the instability of color cosmetics, so that anyone, even professional, makeup can banal "float."Try for such cases special makeup on wax and silicone that will last for a long time and will not fail either in daily life or at a party.

2. The secret of sustainable eye makeup: let them down with a pencil is better after the application of foundation and powder on the eyelids, and then you can once again to powder pencil line or apply eyeshadow the same color, fixing the pencil.

3. On the lips is better to put a thin layer of foundation or powder, and then circle along the contour of a pencil and then add a lipstick brush.To lipstick as long as possible kept on his lips, it is worth getting wet lips a tissue and repeat all over again.

4. When using a foundation, it is important not to forget: concealer apply a thin layer all over the face, including the eyelids, the area of ​​the lower jaw angle and the upper third of the neck.The coating should not terminate unexpectedly, his carefully shaded at the edges, nullifying.

5. In addition, if there is no special concealer on hand from a black eye, rescue us again tonal cream: Gently brush it is applied to the dark area with fingertips and tangential movements of shade from the bottom up.

6. To complexion looking smooth and foundation did not shine, makeup fix friable powder, eventually aligning face on color and hiding from the others too obvious pores and other relief unnecessary.

7. To tone cream lay smoother and be less noticeable on the skin, you can mix it with any moisturizing face cream in the proportion of 3: 2.

8. An important rule to work with a brush for blush - do it first hit on his hands, shaking off excess thus rouge - a guarantee that the spots of rouge will not.

9. If you want to visually shorten the nose, use light shades of ivory and run along the back of the nose straight thin line, and this line should end before reaching the tip of the nose by a centimeter.

10. To give effect tanning face little tronte blush wings of the nose, ear lobes and chin relevant brownish blush.

And, of course, most importantly, not for a moment doubt his own irresistibility!

Articles Source: mybeauty.ru