Deterministic - a certain

definition limits, is not it?They emit only the most important, cutting off more.The word "determine" is derived from the English determine - determine.It is clearly felt "power" component.In Russian, this stiffness is not much there, but in the original language is the word determination - a very strong desire to do a certain action, unshakable determination.Deterministic - meaning rigidly defined.

Why framework?

The concept came into the Russian language from the sphere of mathematical terms.In economics, a lot of math, so the word can be found in the relevant textbooks.Not knowing it will get confused and do not understand sufficiently large part of literature.

for young scientists word especially refers to the category of mandatory assimilation.One of the goals of science - to reduce uncertainty in knowledge about the world, so there are limited opportunities and determination.The result is a narrowing of values ​​- and at the output we have the concept of deterministic.It is not that other, as "certain."

What obligation?

This word is not used without identifying the source of determination, ie directing or restricting the agent.For example, the deterministic factors - factors be affected.Generally it clarifies what it was.Deterministic violent behavior - this behavior is caused by bringing suffering and the resulting exposure.Be sure to explain exactly what was the triggering factor, or linguistic structure is incomplete.

Black Swan and markets

In economics say that this or that market behavior was caused by those or other actions.What's funny, the majority of such conclusions are made after it was over, and then pronounce the word "determined".

This problem is not only the economy, but there it is manifested most clearly.Niklas Nassim Taleb, the influential modern philosopher and friend of David Cameron, says that the financial sector is affected by the so-called "black swans" - significant events affecting many people, the scale of which is unpredictable.Most of the vital areas not subject to streamline, and therefore does not leave any pure mathematics, the term "deterministic"?This would allow much more accurate to use the word.

Choose the right method!

Consider another example using the word.Take the "deterministic method."This phrase should be consumed when the approach to the solution should be chosen based on the conditions of the problem.That is the number of methods narrowed.For example, complex mathematical problem solving method is highly undesirable rebounds, at least by hand."Guessing" using a computer in some cases it may be justified, but in this case we say that the approach to the problem determinate its features, we can not take any method, and get the result.

outside science - rarely

on you the notion of determination is depressing?Well, it is used in a very narrow sense, and only in the scientific style.That is, it is unlikely that you will encounter him often - when you hear the word from the podium, so for her mistake allowed the scientist with burning eyes.

But the concept of "deterministic" helps reduce the chaos in the knowledge of mankind, at least it is on this claim.And if it is only on a narrow mathematical knowledge, that its use is justified and meaningful.

word "determined" to be useful to the authors of student projects, not only in the fields of exact sciences.There are frontier science, in which this concept is welcome - linguistics, medicine.Only here during the feast is better not to use the word - do not understand.Exception - the Nobel banquet.There certainly is a word everyone will like.