Screed concrete: how to make your own hands

quality coating of concrete has many advantages.First of all, it has a long life, high strength and high wear resistance.However, these advantages are present only at that cover, which was made in compliance with the technology.To be more concrete quality, it must be very well compacted and then sealed and, of course, to align.

Currently, created many devices that greatly facilitate the construction work.It relates to devices for concrete screed.

What screed?

This device consists of a frame which is usually made from high-quality steel or aluminum.Another important detail - the vibration setting.It is this movement causes the device.

Works for laying screed concrete due to the engine.It is the "heart" of the installation.The engine transmits vibration installation torque.This, in turn, drives the metal frame.And this part affects the concrete.It should be noted that the length of the rack can be from 0.5 to 10 meters.

Types screeds

Sometimes screed concrete electric and gasoline.The latter option is more powerful installation.However, due to sufficient emissions gasoline screeds used only outdoors.

electrical installation has a smaller capacity.However, it can be used for construction work in the room directly.

What is needed?

All parts of screeds can be purchased at almost any hardware store.Maybe someone will find material in a home workshop.To get a good screed concrete, you will need:

  1. electric motor, which has the necessary capacity.
  2. Channel, which will serve as the main frame.
  3. bolts.
  4. corners of aluminum or steel.
  5. Install vibration.
  6. Rubber needed for insulation.
  7. starter motor, preferably with speed control.
  8. phase electric cable.
  9. Several pieces of rebar for the manufacture of pens.

What tools are needed?

screed concrete is much easier to work.For its production need the following tools:

  1. screwdriver.
  2. Drill.
  3. Drill set it on metal.

How to handle?

screed concrete with their hands is not so simple.You must be able to work with welding machine, and have some knowledge of electrics.Beginning with the creation of screeds must handles.Doing their best from accessories.To begin to give them the desired bent shape.

Ready handle is attached to the profile.This can be done by welding.To be safe, you can fix them with screws.Before you fix the handle design is better to put on a flat surface, such as putting on your desktop or workbench.So it will be much easier.In addition, the handle should be insulated to make the device safe.For these purposes it is better to use a rubber.Besides holding the handle of the valve is not so convenient.Rubber significantly soften the vibration.

Of course, in the manufacture of the device, you can make one handle.However, experts recommend doing two.Vibrareyka concrete masonry with two handles much easier and more reliable.

Motor connection

When the frame and pens ready, you can install the engine.This item is the best place in the middle of the profile.Since vibrations are uniformly distributed over the entire length of the rail.Secure engine in several ways.For better fixation of the corners of the metal used.

In the first version can be installed on the engine mount first and then a ready-made structure welded or bolted to the profile.

The second method involves the installation of metal parts to the beam.In this case, the engine will be put on a structure last.To fix the motor to a profile, you can use screws or spot welding.

Each of these methods are effective.Just not everyone has the welding, but there is a screwdriver in any home.

Completion assembly

screed with his hands is a more reliable, than the purchase.However, it is worth considering the manufacture of some of the nuances.Vibratory better place so that it can be more reliably and firmly secured to the profile, or pens.

-phase wire that dangles beneath their feet, usually becomes the main cause of injury.The starter is a must to start the engine, you can, of course, leave the motor itself.However, it is best to place it on the handle.This will make the engine run more comfortable.

What can design do?

screed for laying of concrete can be the team.This is important if you want to stamp on the different area of ​​the site.To do this, measure the length of the profile of equal pieces and cut them off grinder.In several places after that is to drill holes and then attach them to both sides of the device as needed.To secure the best use of the corners.

There is also a frame, a double or floating screed.This device is perfectly suited for tamping sufficiently large concrete slabs.The process of making a double screed is no different from the usual assembly model.The engine in this case also be installed in the center of the construction, but using a special attachment.

Experts advise to fasten the frame in three places: in the middle and at the ends.It should be noted that the frame can also be screed team.It is made of four pieces of the profile.

What you need to know to make your own screed?

Of course, in making such a device on the same desire and enthusiasm does not go far.It is necessary to have some knowledge and skills in the construction field.

In addition, those who wish to make screeds with his hands, should understand well in electrical engineering, as well as to know how to work with welding machine.

Another important point - is the observance of safety regulations.After all, the production of screeds is based on a three-phase start-up mechanism.In this paper, as well as the production should be handled carefully with the device.

Working part screed is best done in length from 2.5 to 3 meters.Of course, it all depends on the size of filled area.But the power of the finished device should not be more than 1.5 kW.This indicator is enough to tamp and smooth concrete layer, whose thickness is between 15 and 20 centimeters.

Tips Operating

When screed, with his own hands made, fully assembled, you can begin to work.Before using the guides should be set, which will be the movement of the device.You can then pour the solution layer.The thickness should exceed the level of the guide by a few centimeters.That's it, you can begin the process of tamping.We should not hurry.The only way to get even coverage.If you are new construction, do not rush yourself to fill large areas.Start with a small area.When to adapt to such work, you can pour a lot of concrete.

If the layer while tamping settled lower rack, you should pour the solution.Otherwise, an uneven surface is obtained.

In conclusion

Recently, similar devices are in great demand.However, the cost of devices is high.In addition, the service life of devices purchased at significantly lower than homemade.Of course, some shops available for rent screeds for concrete.However, the best tool to make your own hands.It is economical and practical.