Electronic engineer: duties

Electronic engineer - a position for which the person is appointed by order of the director or the person performing his duties.He just has to obey the director of the organization in which employed.

Employers are looking for the position of people with higher education and work experience.It is desirable that the work experience was more than 1 year.Before assuming his duties, any electronic engineer is required to read some of the documents required:

a) regulations on labor protection engineer for electronics;

b) normative and legislative acts of the Russian Federation, adopted in relation to this area of ​​activity;

c) the organization's charter and internal regulations.


Job Description Electronic engineer describes a number of responsibilities.He has to deal with the introduction of modern technologies in the process of automation of accounting and operations.Obliged to keep them in good technical equipment, which he entrusted to the same exploit and implement complex system software.

Daily he is updating database and protection available to organize the information that must be hidden from outsiders and crackers available.

Necessary knowledge

Electronic engineer must know by heart the instructions and orders of the heads of organizations or persons performing their duties, as well as to explore all the operational and technical characteristics and operation of all equipment.

mandatory requirement is to examine all the job descriptions of the organization.


Besides responsibilities electronics engineer has certain rights.It can provide guidance suggestions to improve the business.Electronic engineer has the right to safe and healthy to explore methods and techniques.If the execution of any work threatens his health, he can give up their execution.


lot of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the employee.If all the duties they are not implemented, the management of the organization has the right to reprimand an employee, or even fine him.If cases of unfair duties are repeated, then the employee can be fired.Punished and when the employee violates the regular production discipline and disclose confidential information of the company.To protect themselves, the majority of organizations make their employees sign a document in which they undertake not to disclose confidential information.

Every employer is trying to find for the position responsible and serious person.Like any other worker, electronic engineer must be on time for work and do not abuse alcohol.Employment for this position will be a big plus the letter of recommendation.