Vitamins for cats from hair loss: reviews

One of the most frequent problems, because of which refer to the owners of cats to vets, is hair loss.This may be due not only to the wrong pet care or seasonal molt.Most of these problems arise from poor nutrition and lack of essential trace elements.In this case, the veterinarian advises special vitamins for cats from hair loss.Do not try to pick them yourself, as the need for a particular element depends on the health of the pet, the reasons for hair loss and dietary habits of the animal.

What need vitamins for cats

From hair loss, there are special vitamin complexes, but you can give your pet some drugs or products.It is only necessary to know which elements need a cat.There is no special "cat" of vitamins.Animals such as trace elements necessary as people.But there are certain features.For example, vitamin C cats do not need further, since their body produces it in sufficient quantities.What vitamins are important for the health of your pet:

- Vitamin A is essential for normal vision, for the growth of a kitten and maintenance of healthy skin and coat;

- of the B vitamins for cats especially need thiamine (health nervous system), riboflavin (to maintain normal skin and coat), pantothenic acid (against hair loss);

- vitamin E is important for the normal development of the young animal, and also to adjust the sulfur metabolism in the skin.Why

pet suffers from a lack of vitamins

Most often such a problem faced by owners who feed cat food home.It is very difficult to find a diet that the animal receives all the necessary minerals and vitamins.Cat on a regular basis should be given not only to meat and fish, and dairy products, vegetables and herbs.Pet contraindicated fat, salty and fried foods, sausages, smoked meats, pastries and sweets.To the cat is not experienced health problems, it is better with the help of a veterinarian to choose a quality she finished feed that contains all the essential trace elements.But even then sometimes you have to give additional vitamins for cats from hair loss.After all, during the molting animal needs additional micronutrients.But cats, feeding on food prepared, such drugs should be given at a reduced dose.

Why cats falls wool?

As a result of treatment the owners furry pets to the vet can identify two major causes of baldness animals:

1. If the cat eats normally, cheerful and playful, her nose wet and shining eyes, then her hair falls out due to seasonal molt.This happens twice per year and typically lasts 2-3 months.To accelerate this process can be, if you regularly comb the animal and give special vitamins for cats from hair loss.

2. Often a vet pet owners are turning to the complaints that the cat scratched, is depressed and falls wool scraps.The reason for this may be a parasitic disease and banal lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body of the pet.After examining the animal and learn about the features of its diet, the doctor will advise what vitamins to give your cat.When hair loss, there are special tablets with a pleasant taste to the pet.

What is needed for a healthy cat fur?

  • B vitamins are required to provide pupils with problems with coat.Their lack of developing weakness or nervous animal, various dermatitis, dull and falling hair.Especially important are vitamins B2 and B5.
  • Biotin is very important for maintaining healthy skin and coat cats.It regulates metabolism, helps in tissue regeneration, makes hair healthy and shiny.
  • Sera cats need to have their hair glistened.Adding it to the animal's diet accelerates growth, prevents dandruff and improves metabolism.
  • Calcium deficiency can also cause a dull coat and its fallout.Therefore, during the molting that element is necessary to give the animal further.
  • zinc, especially in combination with fatty acids, are also added to the complex vitamins against hair loss in cats.It improves the quality of the coat and protects against skin diseases.

Vitamins for cats from hair loss

Reviews owners indicate that these drugs must be chosen strictly individually, depending on the health of the pet, its habits and the causes of baldness.The veterinary industry is now doing a lot of vitamin complexes designed to combat this problem.They come in the form of tablets and drops.Many cat owners are not very well speak of the tablet form of vitamins.Not every animal is able to swallow the tablet, even if it is made as a delicacy with a pleasant taste and smell attractive.Therefore, the most popular vitamins for cat hair from falling in drops.They are conveniently added to food, and the owner of the animal will be sure that his pet has received all the necessary elements.

What drugs can be given to a cat?

veterinarian appoints cat vitamins, depending on the cause of hair loss.Basically it is a tablet containing brewer's yeast, iodine, zinc, sulfur, kelp extract, biotin and B vitamins Now on sale there are a large number of different vitamins for cats that will not only improve the state coat pet, but also a beneficial effect onthe general state of his health.They come in the shape of hearts, or sticks Pads, have an attractive taste for cats and most animals are very popular.The most popular among the owners of the animals are "Beafar", "Felvey", "Polydex" or "olivine".There are drugs produced in Russia, such as "Pets super wool" or "Sherstevit."

Restores vitamins

to pet had plenty of trace elements necessary to molt and during the diet add brewer's yeast, seaweed, liver and egg yolk.During the year, it is desirable to grow special herbs for cats, especially useful oat seedlings containing all necessary for healthy hair vitamins and minerals.Owners furry pets positive about this grass.The majority of cats loves her.