How and what to feed the baby in the heat?

We look forward to the summer and hope that through his children will receive a portion of maturing recreational summer vitamins.But - how and what to feed the baby if hot weather is completely beats his appetite?

Why is there in the heat do not want?

The main reason is that under high temperature in the body's metabolism slows down, resulting in harder to absorb nutrients.But without these nutrients still not enough: how difficult was not necessary, even in the summer heat the baby needs to be fed.In addition, pediatricians say that it is necessary for the summer period of active growth of children, so that they are doubly in need of building materials for the body.

However, the menu and the daily routine of the child will have a little "redraw".From the usual meat (protein source) for lunch will have to give: the proteins are digested slower than carbohydrates and fats, and their assimilation may require additional energy.The body takes it from internal resources that are consumed in a normal situation on thermoregulation, so too tightly poevshy baby may overheat in hot weather and get heat stroke.

In hot weather, will have to "say NO»:

- meat - hard to digest meats (beef, pork) to temporarily exclude from the children's menu;

- exotic fruits - for their digestion the body requires more energy;

- sweet drinks, juices - they do not help to resist the heat, and only aggravate the thirst;

- Kvass - it provokes fermentation in the gut;

- sweet and fatty, and salty snack snacks, fast food - they cause and exacerbate the thirst perishable in hot weather and can cause upset stomach and intestines.

In the midst of the summer heat, "Say YES»:

- easy to digest meat (poultry, rabbit, turkey);
- lean fish ;
- cereals ;
- dairy products ;
- fresh vegetables, fruits, berries - they restore the water-salt balance;
- water - doctors recommend an average of 1.5 liters of water a day (from 1 liter to 2 liters godovasikov up for semiletok);it is not necessary to give more, becauseit can harm the kidneys, cause swelling;
- warm unsweetened tea (black, green) - it increases sweating and cool, but you need to brew is not too hard;- Stewed fruit, dilute cranberry juice.

Milk is better to replace dairy products, but watch out for their freshness.Favorite children cream doctors do not recommend giving children up to 3 years, and children older than 3 years, it is already possible to give, but no more than 1 drink per day (and teach your child to warm it in your mouth before swallowing).

Advice for parents of infants:

- in the heat can not introduce solid foods, give new products, change the brand mix, weaned;
- put the baby to the breast should be as often as possible (breast milk quenches thirst);
- it is desirable to prepare the mixture just before a meal, do not advance (otherwise have time to turn sour);
- bottle-have often dopaivat water.

How to feed a child in the heat?

list the main recommendations of doctors and nutritionists.

1. Lunch accounted for peak heat, so it is best to distribute the main dishes of the day for breakfast and dinner, and at lunch time to give the child easy carbohydrates.Perfect cereal - rice, buckwheat, lentils;it not only will fill the reserves of energy, but will also provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

2. poite child is not small sips every 5 minutes, and 100 ml every hour.In some cases it is sufficient to rinse the mouth.

3. It is important to take into account the child's appetite, do not force the baby to eat up a portion of mandatory.It is better to feed the demand than on the hard schedule.

4. Food serve is not hot (even the sight of a couple of beats appetite in hot weather), but not cold (as in the "warming up" food and its subsequent digestion of the body will require additional energy).

5. Drinking should not be ice, room temperature, or the child can pick up the "seasonal disease" - a sore throat.These simple guidelines will help you to feed the baby in hot weather and keep good mood and you and all your family.

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