Alexei Ostrovsky: biography and photo

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Alexey Ostrovsky - Russian politician.Within three years he was governor of the Smolensk region.Member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Childhood and adolescence

future governor of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky was born in Moscow.It was January 14, 1976.His mother was a teacher in a simple school, and his father worked as an engineer in one of the private enterprises in the country.

Alexei Ostrovsky studied at the School of Physics and Mathematics at the Academy pednauk USSR.And he dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father.But that all changed when in 1988 his dad died.

to son has been in business and do not rotate in questionable companies, his mother took the boy to the Palace of Pioneers, which recently opened a film school.For three years he worked in the department of camera skill, learned the basics of this art.It was during this period he met Alexei Ostrovsky, a photo is pretty close.Love for reportage genre predetermined his future path.

started his career

his career began to build since fifteen years.The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Search in your home state explanatory press photographer.A competition was held, and Alex ahead venerable professionals got the job.Of course, not officially, since age is not yet allowed.The first half of the day he spent in school, and then flew on his favorite work.

Career Ostrovsky quickly gaining momentum and soon it began to print even in foreign publications.At sixteen, he became a freelance press photographer, "New York Times", "Newsweek", "The Guardian."

This young man did not stop.His video art carried away.He began working for foreign television and in his, you might say, childhood, visited with operators in many hot spots, making unimaginable stories.

However, the case of his career photojournalist and embarrassments.The newspaper "Washington Post" revealed the scam, pointing to a material falsification of the magazine "Time".For the latter, Ostrovsky did a report on child prostitution.It turned out that all of the first to the last frame was staging, and children, filmed Alexis is a small cast.

In 1993, Alexei Ostrovsky got an interesting job.He had to make the material of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.A few months spent near the correspondent of a politician, and they are extremely friends.And when the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party offered Alexei job, he, without hesitation, agreed.

Ostrovsky This period of life is reflected in the film "Stringer", where he played a young Sergei Bodrov.

In 2000 Alexey graduated from the Faculty of World Economy MGOU, three years later received a second degree in the Faculty of Law at MGIMO.

career in politics

When prompted Zhirinovsky at first worked in the youth organization of the Liberal Democratic Party, and then went to the press service for the party, and after a while it was headed.He took part in the international activities of the faction.And later he became the personal assistant to Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

In 2003, after the proposal ran head of the State Duma was elected on the Liberal Democratic Party.I worked for four years many questions:

  • international affairs;
  • information policy;
  • mandatory question;
  • deputy ethics;
  • practices to ensure the rights and freedoms of individuals in foreign countries.

In the State Duma of a new convocation was also elected by the Liberal Democratic Party in 2007.He was chairman of the committee on CIS and relations with compatriots.

In 2011, Alexei Ostrovsky, he was responsible for religious organizations and public associations in the State Duma of the sixth convocation.

City Governor

In April 2012, resigned Sergey Antufiev, the governor of the Smolensk region.Alexei Ostrovsky was appointed interim head of the region.This decision of the government was called strange.For the first time such a position has been admitted is not a member of the "United Russia", but most importantly, a man who has had no experience of such work, he had no idea about the national economic sector.

Previously, governors became ex-officials or businessmen, but Ostrovsky was a former press photographer had a bad reputation (due to staged reportage).

Region Alexey got pretty bad.In a matter of time he had to prepare for a major anniversary of the city.Virtually nothing has been done, construction of new facilities behind schedule, funds not enough (in fact, for the plundering of the add was sacked predecessor Ostrovsky).The new governor perfectly coped with the task.

talking about him as head of the region, able to resolve any issues.He personally supervised even garbage from the streets of the city.Ostrovsky also started a great job of attracting investment to the region.

a while Alexei Ostrovsky, the governor without experience, getting a lot of pins in his address.Everyone wanted to see the results immediately.In numerous interviews, he said that this is unrealistic, because the area had come to him with a debt of more than fifteen billion rubles.

After three years of fruitful work Ostrovsky asked the President to release him from his post.He is now the acting head of the region (up to the September elections).

criticism of

Alexei Ostrovsky, picture for a long time which was the main profession, I have heard repeated criticism in his address on this occasion.He was named PR manager, but not the Governor-economic manager.

been criticized and his appointment of some persons in high positions.For example, in June 2012, the head of the Department of Health became Stepchenkov V., who had previously been involved in financial fraud and was witnessed by several criminal cases.

In 2012, because of the questionable personnel decisions Ostrovsky rating fell by dozens of positions, but at the end of the 2013th he became 39 in the ranking of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications.He joined the group of governors with great influence.


Alexei Ostrovsky, whose biography is closely connected with the work in politics, complains about the lack of time.His family, he rarely sees.His wife and three daughters live in Smolensk, and the policies in constant traveling for the region.

The only way to be together - it is a short-term five-day holiday to take sometimes simply impossible.