Chinese dumpers: photos and reviews of the owners

Whatever store you may have come - virtually anywhere you can see the goods produced in China.The same applies to the technique.Worldwide popular Chinese cars.Tipper including.And the belief that Chinese goods of poor quality, in this case loses its power.Chinese dump trucks each year supplement market.Great demand for such brands as HOWO, Beifang Benchi, SAMS, Shaanxi, FAW, "Schucman", Dong Feng, JAC and many others.The quality is not inferior technology called European cars, but the cost is much different, and repair of the Chinese trucks can cost you quite inexpensive.In addition, they are resistant vagaries of weather, unpretentious.And one more advantage of them - the opportunity to spend operative repair.Below we describe nekotrye Chinese trucks (photo attached).

Tipper HOWO

Chinese trucks of the brand are the most popular among all the relatives.Power athletes such engines ranging from 290 to 420 "horses".And parts of the motor of this machine are made known and reliable companies.Engine trucks capable of operating for a long time at low speed.Thanks to a certain technology, which determines fuel consumption per hundred kilometers a truck consumes 30 liters of fuel.In addition, for the convenience of the driver and taken a lot of measures.The cabin of trucks equipped with wide windows that allow plenty of light into the workplace to operate the machine and provide an excellent overview.The design of the cabin is resistant to external shocks and squeezing, and she thanks to air suspension, extinguishes all kinds of vibrations which are unavoidable during operation.And if you get tired, because here, in the cockpit, there is a wide berth - stretched to health!Comfortable you, among other things, will create a climate control system.Add to this the variety of sensors to monitor the condition of the truck (all readings are displayed on the LCD monitor), a system of additional and primary mirror that allows to control the situation on the road, and lots of additional equipment - all this gives grounds to assume that the Chinese trucks are very comfortable, thoughtful and inexpensive!

Beifang Benchi

Chinese dump this brand does not stand out something special in appearance, but the ratio of their prices and good quality is optimal, and they are in great demand in the world market.They are produced technology that is used in the manufacture of automobiles "Mercedes."Engine size cars - 9.7 liters.The engine itself is a diesel with manual transmission.Tipper easily dispersed, but the maximum speed does not exceed eighty kilometers per hour.

Tippers CAMC

Chinese company CAMC tipper trucks have also won great credibility.This is due primarily to the fact that these models to increase the volume of the body.And he can carry quite heavy loads.This is due to the installation of high-performance engines.In addition, these trucks easy operation, which ensures them a good maneuverability.Add to this a comfortable device cockpit and a good overview.On dumpers SAMS established a guarantee - a hundred thousand kilometers or one year of operation.And if it would be difficult to understand, attached to the car, all documentation and manuals translated into Russian.

Tipper Shaanxi

company producing Chinese trucks under this brand, is one of the largest in the country.Shaanxi - the main supplier of heavy military army vehicles.It works in cooperation with the German company.The dump trucks of the brand can be installed fuel tanks, the amount of which is equal to 450 liters, and the engines have increased power by installing turbines.

Tipper FAW

FAW stands for First Automobile Works.This company is now changed its name, but kept the acronym.FAW produces not only trucks, but they have been recognized and have become quite in demand among buyers.Engine, these Chinese trucks are not weak: the power of its 350 horsepower, and the volume - 8600 liters.Gruzpopod—Ďmnost such vehicles - about forty tons.All haulers comply with environmental "Euro-3".In addition, these models have a number of additional useful features such as air conditioning, pre-heating fuel and fuel tank strainer Fuel and other.

Cars Shacman

Pretty simple appearance of these trucks does not mean thatthey are not worth paying attention to.The optimum value for money and provided them with a high demand among consumers.These dump trucks are multifunctional, engine displacement of 9.7 liters, and the car seat can be adjusted in accordance with the features of the figure of the driver.

"Dong Feng"

This company produces several types of dump trucks with different equipment.For example, the volume of the body, which is sixteen cubic meters, a beautiful set of salon equipment, including climate control and a comfortable bed.The rest of the parameters are different, but all types of products are in great demand and receive good reviews.


fully this Chinese car company is so called: Jiangtiuat Automobile.Co, Ltd.Cabs trucks of this type are arranged in such a way that the driver was most comfortable to work in it.There is a support for the left foot, a sleeping bag, comfortable and clear dashboard.There are also anatomic seat with headrest, fully adjustable and adapts to the driver's body.Also, for the convenience of chauffeur on the brake pedal and the gas present rests for heel.Ease of creating and mirrors that give maximum visibility.Also, if you like, in the dumper can be installed accessories.Such as electro-hydraulic tipping stall, water heater, central locking car door with a remote control, rear view mirrors with an electric drive and heating, air suspended driver's seat and control panel auxiliary heater near the bottom shelf.

Chinese dumpers: reviews of the owners

Regarding all these brands based on the reviews studied can draw this conclusion: these machines have very few downsides.Breakdowns occur only smaller.Tipper did not stall in the middle of the road at the crucial moment.These machines are very stable and unpretentious.That's just like they really do not overload.Although this machine tested our nation: and overloaded, and went - and kept dump such tests with a bang.That's just no need to take risks.Who knows how many poor girl stretched in such accelerated pace.About the prices mentioned above - they do not bite and are consistent with reality.And in case of breakage to find the necessary items to spend a lot of time and money: It is easy to find and the price is acceptable.And also about the quality of care should not be.Chinese trucks is well proven in the market.And the time to make sure that they justify the trust, was enough - for so many years, they are used in various domestic industries.How to tell the owners of these trucks are operated machines for a long time and quite successfully.Unless, of course, take good care of him.