"Slingokurtki" for pregnant women and young mothers: Part Two

Today we continue to acquaint you with the original versions of jackets, windcheaters and raincoats destined for pregnant women and young mothers who love to carry their babies in slings.

Jacket brand "pits» combines four functions: for pregnant women, "slingomam", lactating mothers, and can also be an ordinary jacket.Exist in a variety of colors, it can be carried to a temperature of -10 degrees.

top layer jacket - from durable water repellent plaschevki modern termouteplitel German company Vilene (thereby jacket lightweight, non-bulky and very warm), lining - from a warm, cozy fleece, there are hoods for both parent and baby.

Special pristegivayuschiyasya insert-dickey reliably protects the mother's throat and chest against the cold and wind, allowing mom quietly and comfortably feed a baby's on the street, even in the cold.

slot on "Lightning" side allow an adult to push the hand-to-child or child's stick handle outwards.Insert three kuliske accurately adjust the size for any age child or pregnancy.

This jacket has:

1) comfortable closed neck mom and baby;

2) adjustable hood helmet a child;

3) additional, removable, adjustable shirtfront;

4) an opportunity to improve and feed the baby sling, with special locks;

5) high-quality fabrics and accessories "slingokurtki";

6) the ability to adjust the size of the insert to the pregnant abdomen, and the size of the child - in three places;

7) the possibility of carrying the baby in an upright position and in the "cradle";

8) convenient length, bottom of the jacket on the assembly - excludes wind blowing out;

9) the possibility of using it as a jacket, "feeding".

Slingokurtka mark "Mother viper» side with "lightning", different colors, handy for moms who carry their children in a sling-scarf.

jacket sewn from high quality fleece density 330 GM2, has two mouths, Plug connectors "lightning."Sleeves - as the "lightning" (detachable - if it's hot, the jacket can be easily turned into a vest), "lightning" - in both side seams for easy donning, Drawstring at bottom edge of jacket Drawstring baby neck.

Neck baby is protected from the sharp edges of the "lightning" special valve with the inside of the mouth, my mother's neck is also protected.The side slits in the jacket - through their kid can stick handle outside or vice versa - mom can put their hands inside (or just bask touch-fix child).

This jacket is perfect for spring and autumn.As a vest (with Detachable sleeves), can also be used and cool summer evenings.We doubted the amount recommended to take a slightly larger size.

Demi-season "slingokurtka" brand "Mother viper» Fleece different colors convenient and practical, which contribute a lot sewn into it, "lightning."A brief sectional

"lightning" neck connects mom and baby, the second "lightning" makes it easy to fasten and unfasten slingokurtku at any time.

characteristics of this jacket identical to the previous model, but we must remember that she is not holding the baby jacket - underneath the child must always be in a sling-scarf, May-sling or any other handling.

«Slingokurtki" -vetrovki with detachable insert will protect the mother and child from the wind and rain.

hood for mother and baby - Drawstring so you can tighten them tighter, if necessary.One pocket on "lightning" (at the level of the chest pocket of the small size - for valuables), two wide pockets at the bottom of the jacket.

detachable insert, resulting in a model is converted into ordinary stylish women jacket, which can be used after carrying baby in a sling.

neck between mother and baby - sectional "lightning."Outer Fabric - plaschevka, inner fabric - fleece sleeves - lining fabric for ease of putting on a jacket.

model is designed for spring and autumn, not below 0 degrees, and under a jacket kid must also be in a sling.Suitable types of sling for this model: sling-scarf, May-sling, backpack-carrying, a sling with rings (in vertical position).The jacket is designed for children up to 2 years and the size of its own mother (do not need to borrow more).

Articles Source: mamamia.by