Antenna to the country - provide qualitative reception

In order to get the highest quality TV reception cottagers living in an area with poor reception of TV signal, you must first determine the type of antenna for a country house.At our disposal there are now essential, and satellite TV.But the antenna to the country should be chosen not only based on the desire to receive a signal from the television tower or satellite, but also on the amount of money that a buyer is willing to pay for the opportunity to enjoy your favorite TV programs in the country.

Air TV - an economical solution for a country house

antenna to the country can be simple and inexpensive.The main criterion for choosing it should be a relief of the surrounding terrain and the distance from home to transmitting the TV tower.In that case, if the distance to the transmitting center up to 15 kilometers and can use the conventional indoor antenna.We should not forget that the quality of signal received conventional passive antennas, depending on the material from which the walls of the

house.So, in a wooden house reception will be much better than in the panel.With difficult conditions of reception (great distance from the TV tower, the relief area), it is best to use an active indoor antenna with a built-in amplifier.Do not forget that the TV antenna to the country must be properly oriented and configured.

indoor antenna - not the best option if the distance to the TV tower is more than 15 kilometers, or a holiday house is located in a valley.In this case, the best antenna for cottages - is an external antenna mounted on the roof of the house.Before installing it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there was next to no obstacles to the passage of the signal.It is also important to take care of an antenna mount on the roof.Ideally, the external antenna is mounted on a height not exceeding 1.5 meters.

Satellite dish - access to the best satellite TV operator

satellite antenna to the cottage is ideal for countryside that if you want access to the widest range of channels.Modern satellite antenna powerful enough, so its owner can provide not only quality television signal, and a fast Internet connection.Universal prescription of diameter must have a satellite dish to the country does not exist.The main criterion for selecting the size is what level of power has a satellite signal in each individual region.In the countryside and in remote areas of the private sector satellite television is often the only option for watching your favorite channels.By purchasing a set of satellite equipment, can be customized to show 20-40 Russian-language free channels.In the event that the owner knows the frequency of the antenna, and the approximate location of the satellite, you can set it yourself without resorting to outside help, which can significantly reduce the cost (more than 50% of the cost of all equipment).