As in "maynkraft" make cookies and how to use it

Like "maynkraft" make cookies?In earlier versions of the game, when this kind of food just appeared, cookies was a treat rare and totally ineffective.The reason for this was that the cocoa beans, which are necessary for crafting cookies can be found only in the treasures.However, with version 1.3.1 of cocoa beans began to appear on the trees in the jungle, but because of the fact that they can now be grown to this type of food completely lost its value.

Cookies in Minecraft

one cookie restores 2 points of hunger and only 0.4 units of saturation, which is the lowest among all types of food in "maynkraft."So eating just one cookie player quickly hungry.The same bread has as many as 6 units, not to mention the other food, such as roast beef or pork are as much as 12.8 units of saturation.

Kraft cookie

Well, let's look at how to "maynkraft" make cookies and that is necessary for his craft.As can be seen in the image, in the production of sweets have nothing tricky, all materials do not require pre-treatment, moreover, they can be found in nature, if found village NPC and produce wheat there.Kraft requires only two beam handful wheat and cocoa beans.Placing the cocoa beans between two pieces of wheat - and our cookies ready.At its manufacturing pechenyushek player gets eight one craft.If you eat them all at once, after satisfying hunger they will be equivalent to two slices of roast pork or beef.This type of food is a good substitute for bread, if a player lacks the wheat, so how to grow cocoa faster and easier.Besides cookies will restore more units of hunger, rather than bread.Even our delicacy can be purchased from the villagers: in just one emerald you get 6 to 8 pieces.


All the most detailed information can easily be found on the website "Maynkraft Vicki."How to make cookies, and where to get the ingredients to it, there is described in detail.It should be remembered that the cookies have very low saturation.So, the player almost immediately hungry again after taking it as food.All play "Maynkraft" is not recommended to eat cookies often and in large quantities, it is best to use when you need to repay no more than two to four units of starvation, for example in order to restore health.Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have no more questions on how to "maynkraft" make cookies.