Solve the problem with the PC will "Remote Assistance"

Often, users of personal computers, without delving into the intricacies of the device, and do not understand the nuances of various programs used in his work only a limited part of the available options.Such an approach is quite justified for a small reserve of time, but may do a disservice in the event of additional requirements or the desire to do something in a new way.

If you do not understand yourself hochestya, but among friends, there are those to whom you could ask for help when a problem with a computer may help you to "Remote Assistance."

This function is Windows - is a standard service of the operating system, allowing another user of the same operating system to remotely access files on your computer to help you resolve the difficulties.You must fully trust a man who will help you, as it will receive full access to your computer will be able to view the personal files, and so on.

application built into the system from a Windows XP.It proved so popular that became part of later.In addition to its standard applications "Remote Assistance" is used for remote training someone, because when you attach it becomes available to work with someone else's desk as well as with her, and the man to the computer you are connected to be able to see all runningyour action on your computer.

If we consider the "Remote Assistance" Windows 7, you may notice that it is slightly different from previous versions of analog.

The service "Remote Assistance" in Windows 7

To begin, make sure that the user and his future assistant installed on your computer is Windows 7, and has a program for messaging Windows Live Messenger,otherwise the connection will fail.The following communication services run Windows Live Messenger and make entry procedure (if you do not have an account Live Messenger, it should be established on the official website or directly in the menu).

necessary to press the key combination Win + R, the pop-up window without quotes prescribes "msra" and click «Enter».This will open the main window service "Remote Assistance."It is necessary to select "Invite the person to whom you trust to help" and then click "Use Easy Connect".As a result, you can select an administrator in the contact list of the program Windows Live Messenger and send him an invitation.Future assistant should also open the window and select it "help one who invited you" in conjunction with "Use Easy Connect".After all these actions an administrator can perform a remote connection to your computer.

In the future, all of these infusions can not be carried out, save them as standard.

Thus it is possible to remotely administer and provide computer help at a distance without any additional installed programs, only the means of the standard of service "Remote Assistance", embedded in Windows.