An excellent pupil

She sat nervously shaking his leg, covered with tight jeans with artificial attrition.Now the bus was almost empty - after all Sunday.

man, about forty years old, laden with a briefcase with drawings and tubes, glanced at her.Good!20 years, probably a student, small, slender, and all so well.Long, wavy hair, a pretty face without makeup, why it seemed only beautiful, given the general women's passion for paint on his face and hair.

man sighed.Eh!It was because the young days when such girls here met, was careless, a little windy.And now?Teacher, lyseyu wife (God, how fast it has grown old!) With two children.Let good money and an apartment there, but ...

Again he glanced at the girls, and admiring a blush on her cheeks and a small bag with all sorts of silly tassels.It was time to go.He rose and stood near the door.

- So!- Indignantly said the girl.- How long will it last?

- What?- Surprised man.

- Well, meet some will, or not?- She looked at him angrily and clenched her pink lips.- I saw you staring at me.

- I'm not staring girl.

bus, unfortunately, stuck at traffic lights.

- Really?And what was that?Well, because as you want to meet?- She got up and test looked into his eyes.

And he took, and blurted out the truth:

- Actually ...

Yes!- In her eyes appeared satisfied

- I Face!- She introduced herself, and came closer, unceremoniously grabbed his arm.- And you?

- I married ... - he mumbled, causing her to laugh.- I mean, I Igor.

few passengers began to turn around.

- Igor!And I want to marry!- Said Lika and dreamy, but a little capriciously looked up.- Here you take me to marry?Be honest!

man has completely lost the thread of such sharp turns of conversation he could not think of anything.

- Duc, I'm married!- A little bit of desperation in his voice.

- So what?Big deal.- Replied the girl.- He was married, she became divorced.Now, if unmarried was, I would take the wife?Be honest!

- Face.I do not know ... - began, was Igor, but she waved.

- I'm good!Really!I cook well, I'm smart, an excellent student.And it is beautiful.True?Or I do not you like me?

- like.

- Nice, so what?I would take?

- Nuuuuu ... - Igor hesitated, the bus was wrenched to a stop, and I had to say something.- Took probably would.

- Uraaa!- Face happily jumped.- So when the registry office?

bus doors opened, Igor went down, ignoring the question, "Crazy!".

And she took it and went after him, put her arms around his waist and buried her nose in his chest, muttering dully out:

- my husband!- Igor Valerievich impatient.

- So!All!Enough!The girl unhooked me, jokes aside, but we must have limits, too!

He escaped from the grasping handles, picked up a tube and briskly walked away.

... After he came crying.This, the most terrible for a man crying - female.Against this no one can stand the secret weapon, though!She sat on the bench, quite childish sniffling and clapped huge, red-rimmed eyes at once.

Igor sighed and stopped.Face looked at him expectantly.

- You do realize that I married you can not take?- She nodded.- Then why are you crying?

- Zaaaamuuuzh hochuuu!- She sniffled again.

- Or maybe something else?I want you to buy something, and you'll go home, huh?And lag behind me.

She huffed, offended looked at him, stood up and straightened her jacket:

- lied, so that like me!Good!Only buy nothing.Here!- She fumbled in her purse and handed him a small booklet, brown.

It was a student's record-book.

In the name Faces Alexandrovna Vasilieva.

"Fuck!"himself swore Igor, a professor of psychology.

Face smiled, looking at him:

- Put assessment Igor.I did not go to your class, but a term paper on the topic "Extreme ways of influencing the mind" offered to you tomorrow.

He put the rating of "5", signed, watched her for a long time and thought: "Otlichnitsa because" ... And on that score is deserved ...

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