How to build chest muscles dumbbells with the greatest effect

question how to build chest muscles dumbbells, often given by many people in specialized forums.We give basic tips that will help most effectively help athletes build muscle chest.

One of the most effective ways to pump the chest muscles is to use dumbbells.Performing the bench press with dumbbells on a comfortable bench will achieve good results, as this is provided with the freedom movements, allowing you to focus on the technique of exercise and attract small stabilizing muscles that are needed to improve the set weight.Also, the use of dumbbells you can adjust the muscles, if the left or right of them is pumped.

set of exercises, tells how to build chest muscles dumbbells, is to carry out 2 times a week.The first exercise is represented by oblique zhimom dumbbells lying, and the bench should be placed at an angle of 30-40 degrees.Weight dumbbell is selected on the basis that they have to be raised at least 12 times.Performed 3 sets.In the first approach, the need to make 6 times, 8 times in the second and in the third 10 times.Then there is one more approach, which requires insurance partner.It is required to squeeze out 13 times.If all goes well, next time you need to select the dumbbell to be 250 grams heavier than the previous.

second exercise, tells how to build chest muscles dumbbells, a layout of dumbbells and performed on an incline bench.The order of execution is similar to the previous one.First performed three sets of muscles to warm up, and then the final approach power with the insurance partner.

Press of dumbbells lying on a straight bench is a basic exercise that helps build muscle mass large breasts and relief divide the right and left side.How to build chest muscles dumbbells by this method (the technique of the exercise):

- to keep the body straight, and the back should be straight;

- lift the dumbbells above the chest;

- hand to pull as much as possible;

- wrist to remain straight;

- lower the dumbbells to the level of the chest;

- to once again raise the dumbbells with the maximum stretching hands.

With the implementation of this and other exercises should be mindful of the breath, as its delays and breaths help to stabilize the torso and chest muscles.It is worth remembering that when inhaling stabilizing muscles are weakened, so it is necessary to carry out a breath after the heaviest period of exercise.

For those interested in how to pump up the inner pectoral muscle, exercise is recommended layout of dumbbells on the ball.Technique of this exercise:

- to be taken on the ball to its original position (to lie on him, and his legs bent at the knees);

- your feet should be firmly pressed to the surface and to keep the dumbbells above the chest to the arms straight;

- take a deep breath and hold it.Dilute dumbbells in hand, observing the correct path of the arc.In the lower position should be to make a small pause and return the dumbbells to the starting position on the same path;

- exhale.

To complicate this exercise, you can narrow the distance between the feet, thus achieving balance and imbalance heavier technique.

There are also exercises for those who wish to know how to pump up the lower pecs.To do this, you can do push-ups on the ball.The hands are placed on the ball and your feet are placed and the rest on the floor, while the body should remain straight.It should perform a deep breath, hold your breath, bend the elbows, lowering the body at the same time to the chest touches the ball.Then straighten your elbows should be in and out.To increase the complexity of the exercise, you can reduce the distance between the feet.