Feysbilding: The exercises, which will help keep youth face

Feysbilding (face - the face and building - construction) - exercises that smooth wrinkles and make skin more elastic.The difference between an ordinary person from gymnastics feysbildinga that last one - it's strength training with resistance.

If you have age-related changes, as they say, there's time to do them and feysbildingom!Such exercises for the face help if you hang down his cheeks, swollen eyelids, corners of the mouth are drawn side folds, wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around the eyes, double chin.

What to expect from employment feysbildingom?

improve the complexion, the muscles will gain tone and cease to fall under gravity, unwanted fat deposits will burn, the skin starts more smoothly and close-fitting muscle.His face tightened, younger and freshens, taut cheeks and chin delight sculptural forms.

When the expected results?

Improve complexion will happen in the first week after the start of training.And to begin seeing changes in muscle, as practice shows feysbildinga takes time.Everything depends on the person, but on average the fact that "the process has begun," It takes about two months.

basic exercises

Start with the fact that follow each of the following exercises 5 times for 6 seconds.Gradually increasing the number of repetitions, bringing them to 20 deal with every day and do a light facial massage before or after a workout.

Feysbilding to smooth wrinkles on the forehead

put his hand on his forehead, so that ring fingers were on the eyebrows.Overcoming the resistance of ring finger, raise eyebrows.At the same time, the thumb and forefinger pull the skin forward - without it would have been on the forehead wrinkles.

Feysbilding firming cheeks

Drag the corners of the lips, as in a smile.Pointing fingers put in place, which is usually formed with a smile creases and apply pressure with your fingers.

Feysbilding neck

firmly pull the lower lip (not the corners of the mouth) down so that the open lower teeth.If done correctly, exercise should show the neck muscles.

Feysbilding of double chin

Put fists under his chin, and then, overcoming the resistance of the hands, mouth open.

Feysbilding mouth

Open your mouth and your thumbs, lift the corners of the mouth upward, as if you want to laugh heartily.Try to close your mouth.Hold this position while the index fingers tightly hold around the eye sockets.

Feysbilding lip

your lips firmly, and formed in the corners of the lips folds push fingers.

Feysbilding against crow's feet

Put your middle fingers on the outer edges of the eye sockets, and close your eyes.When the fingers feel the contraction of the eye muscles.Do not press too hard with your fingers, so as not to interfere with the natural movement of muscles.

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