A hot-tempered Aries: compatibility with other signs

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all know how hot-tempered Aries.Compatibility with other signs for them sometimes seems very big problem.But really so bad?If we talk about Ovnah, in this case, much depends on the person, from his upbringing.Despite the fact that Aries prone to tyranny and suppression, the quality can be kept under control.That is what must learn Aries.Compatibility with other signs would otherwise be unlikely.

So Union Aries Aries is quite rare, because here converge two fiery representative, two hot-tempered nature.The only chance if cosmogram men will be weaker cosmograms women.Then the marriage may hold.Although Aries willingly marry, married, they are completely independent.Each pulls the blanket and wishes to command others.Good bracts obtained if women Aries cosmogram weaker.

Aries-Taurus.This alliance is no harmony.Partners of different energy.If Aries will shout and it will be easier for Taurus produces steam slowly and long.From this and suffer Aries.Compatible with Taurus is quite low.We can say that these people are in alliance to each other rather suffer than love.

Aries, Gemini.Marriages do not stay long, because Gemini in this alliance begins to yearn.Easy and windy nature of Gemini, who need fresh emotions, can not be revealed in alliance with rude and pushy Aries.

Aries-Cancer.Heaviest Union.Aries, compatibility with other signs in which, to put it mildly, not very good, in their quest for self-actualization will come up against cancer, which is always striving to curb and tie.No matter how many Aries are not trying to cause a cancer to be frank, nothing happens.It can push all the crudeness of Aries, to commit adultery, even cause a rupture.Cancer is also very jealous, which is also at odds with the kind of Aries.

Aries, Leo.What would be the perfect union may seem, it is more like a candy wrapper on the candy, especially if the guy Aries.Compatible with the lioness, perhaps, not bad, but it is very exhausting for Aries.For Lionesses Union also not easy: its open nature resists prizhimostosti, closing Aries.

Aries, Virgo.Union something like a combination of Aries, Leo.The difference is that if Lioness and sustain Aries, Virgo - no.She can try to try, but to adopt quality Lionesses not capable.This alliance is the Virgin initiates rupture as Aries can bring her to a nervous breakdown.

Aries Libra.Nice and part of the Union.Partners have a similar power.But there are flashes of misunderstanding, but such a Aries sign of the zodiac - the compatibility of its poor.Yet Aries and Libra nice to get along with each other, although sexually some problems.

Aries, Scorpio.Too heavy Union.Generally, Aries are mainly cause suffering.But they never compete with the Scorpions.The Union can be held only on sex, since the partners are all great.

Aries, Sagittarius.This is the case when a friendship can result in love.Although it is not all smooth.In fact, in alliance Aries-Sagittarius found two home tyrant who nevertheless get along well.In this marriage partners yearn for stability and certainty.

Aries, Capricorn.Union complicated because Capricorns and Aries are very different ways to solve problems.Aries splash rage - and everything, and Capricorn can avenge the insult years 10. But the union is held in sex, so there may be.

Aries-Aquarius.As a rule, these unions are strong, and if they are broken, then the initiative of Aquarius.This sign can not stand shouting and pressure.Aquarians do not press and do not allow themselves to put pressure on myself.Aries is authoritarian, and if they do not suppress the will to suppress themselves.

Here they are, Aries.Compatibility with other signs, in particular, to fish, they have almost zero, as here facing fire and water.Nevertheless, such an alliance is possible.One has only to remember that Aries - the sign zodika compatibility which is only possible if the partners are to make compromises.