TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones DEXP: reviews

Russian company "Deksp" is located in Vladivostok and was founded by a group of engineers.Initially, the firm engaged exclusively in the assembly of personal computers.The first notebooks "Deksp" the world saw in 2000.They differed high productivity and prices were reasonable.

However, most market competition forces companies to constantly "Deksp" improve the quality of its product.Soon the plates were issued, who worked on quad-core processors.Also today there is a large variety of smartphones.It should further be noted that the development of personal computers "Deksp" continues.

Features smartphones "Deksp"

Many smartphones DEXP get good reviews due to its compactness.Shells are manufactured from plastic, and this should be taken into account.Touchscreens quite comfortable, and you can control the device with great comfort.Work smart phones are capable of two cards.In order to save energy model it is possible to be put on hold.

resolution screen smartphones on average is 1280 by 720 pixels.Installed video cameras allow you to shoot in good quality.Additionally, you can take pictures even in the dark.Software smartphones series DEXP Ixion receive positive reviews.All the basic functions of devices are present.

Reviews smartphone "Deksp Ixion 5"

smartphones DEXP These reviews are varied.Many buyers this model with the positive side appreciated for its design.The result it is quite compact and weighs little.As a result, use can be more comfortably.On the functional side, this model has both distinct advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, it should be noted handy calendar that allows you to take notes and control your daily tasks.DEXP Ixion-5 is bad just because of the software.Working with some office software obtained with great difficulty.This is due to the fact that the amount of RAM is too small.

reviews phone "Deksp Ixion XL"

These phones DEXP receive positive reviews for its high graphics performance.The interface has a pleasant enough, and the video device reproduces in good quality.However, phones DEXP reviews from many consumers get bad.They are connected, typically with slight camera.For video recording, it fits poorly, and this should be taken into account.

graphics accelerator in this model there is a series of "Mali 400 '.The amount of RAM is sufficient to run many programs at a decent speed.With games of this smartphone also have no problems.As a result, it can be said that the model is more successful than previous modification.

line TV

TV DEXP reviews have diverse, and if we talk about the new lineup, they are made, usually in silver and black colors.By design models are quite different, and if necessary, choose the desired configuration is always possible.Screen resolution is on the average at 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Thus, the picture is quite beautiful, and you can watch a dynamic scene with great pleasure.About TVs DEXP negative reviews you'll find most of the weak speakers.In the TV settings can also be problematic.By default, the brightness of many models is inflated.Because of the benefits it should be noted support for the "Smart TV".

opinion of consumers about the TV "Deksp LED 50A8000"

issued by DEXP TVs deserve good reviews thanks to its tuner.All major television formats it supports.In addition, this model the user is able, without any problem to connect to a personal computer at home.Input formats are supported by a wide variety.To change the display settings, the user can.

All major graphics file system plays.Sound power in this model is located at 20 W. In turn, there is no subwoofer, and a minus.Codecs this TV a lot, as well as audio formats.On the back of the antenna input connector and composite are available.Additionally there is a headphone output.

Reviews TV "Deksp LED 42A8000"

manufactured by DEXP TV ratings get mostly good.Some buyers have estimated the model for an interesting design.In addition, the television set colorful lights, which gives it elegance.Among the shortcomings should be noted a complex configuration channels.In some cases, the system is in conflict with the tuner.Brightness parameter in this model is located at the level of 300 cd per square.m. The diagonal of the TV is 106 cm. In turn, the resolution is at the level of 1920 by 1080 pixels.Overall, this TV house fits very well and provides a lot of opportunities to the user.

new plates

In most cases, the plates DEXP deserve good reviews.Operating system installed on the device "Android" version 4.4.They are designed for quad-core processors.As a result, many models have 1 GB of RAM.For many programs, this is quite enough.However, the speed of the device at times not happy.

support Wi-Fi and bluetooth all models available.GPU's manufacturer provided a series of "Mali 400 '.Capacitive touch screens and break quite rare.Plates DEXP definitely deserve the bad reviews for the weak body who do not tolerate even the slightest shock.

What do they say about the tablet "Deksp Ursus 7MV"?

This model is ideal for office workers.Performance has a good by a powerful processor.In the game you can play on the tablet.The touch screen is quite a high-quality and all touch responds perfectly.In addition, it should be noted multifunction devices.Primarily, it is important to say the various sensors that are installed in the device.

Advanced features automatic screen orientation.Connect the device to a PC is possible through a special connector.Still, there are outputs for headphones and a different headset.The battery in this model keeps the whole energy of the good.Battery capacity is exactly 2500 mAh.

What is interesting tablet "Deksp Ursus 10MV"?

This model is able to boast a high clock frequency.RAM she is 1 GB.The operating system is set to "Android" version 4.4.Memory card device supports up to 32 Hz.The screen resolution of the tablet is at 1024 by 600 pixels.The video producer provided a series of "Mali 400 '.Movies model is able to reproduce high quality.The speaker and microphone built in the tablet.Among the shortcomings should be noted a weak camera.Also, there are certain problems with its setting.By functional part of said model stands out among other devices.

Laptops Laptops companies

DEXP get a variety of responses.According to experts, many models feature a unique manufacturing technology matrices.Screen size notebooks is 15 inches and the resolution rate is at the level of 1366 by 768 pixels.Coverage is provided at the glossy screens.Support for stereoscopic images available.

hard drives from the memory devices hold 1,000 GB.In turn, the storage configuration presents a variety of manufacturer.From benefits should also be noted powerful batteries.Additionally there is a plurality of connectors for connecting the headset.In general, the office staff laptops "Deksp" approach.

reviews laptop "Deksp Mars E108"

Mars E108 DEXP - laptop, earned positive reviews.Many buyers are choosing this model for its simplicity.Performance from this modification due to good quality processors "Intel".Limiting frequency during operation it supports at around 24,000 MHz.The cache of the first level is exactly 1000 KB.View network connector is provided P45.The battery capacity of 4300 mAh.Headphone output on the sidebar there.Network adapter installed built-in type, and its rate is 1,000 MB per second.

Laptop Achilles G103

Released under the brand DEXP laptop has pretty good reviews.This model will appeal not only office workers, but also gamers.Graphic options for her this is quite acceptable.Also, on a laptop, you can watch movies in high quality.The processor device has a series of "Intel Cor 7".

parameter automatic increase in frequency at the level of 6100 KB.Graphics Accelerator device uses a discrete type.The video chip is installed in a laptop class, "Vidya".According to the model dimensions are very compact and weighs only 2.3 kg.Batteries in the models are 4300 mAh.In addition, there is a six-cell battery.Network connector on the device is set P45.


Considering all the above, we can say unequivocally that the notebooks of "Deksp" deserve the attention of buyers.In turn, the smart phones are not able to surprise people with something new.Thus, it is best to consumers preferring the more well-known brands.

If we talk about the plates, the situation is ambiguous.Many models have good characteristics, but there are serious flaws owners.As a result, we recommend to all people plates "Deksp", as well as TVs, one probably should not.