The wash Zelenka \?

Probably every person faced with such a problem, as the brilliant green shed.No less common problem is the green stuff stains on the skin, especially when they are on the face or on other prominent parts of the body.Nowadays, there are special funds that are quickly removed Zelenka with a particular surface.However, the wash Zelenka, if the special funds for any reason you can not buy?It goes without saying that you can wash Zelenka and improvised means.Below is a list of the most affordable ways in which you can wash of brilliant green.

How to remove stains from the skin green stuff?

Wondering about what Zelenka to wash the body, on the mind large numbers of people immediately comes the usual alcohol.It should immediately be noted that pure alcohol Zelenka can not be erased.For this purpose, you need to mix the alcohol with a small amount of lemon juice.Usually it is sufficient to mix 10-15 drops of juice 5 tablespoons of alcohol.Do not be amiss to mention that such a solution can cause reddening of the skin.In order to scrub the stain fresh green stuff, just apply the mixture of juice and alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe the surface of the skin to them.But the wash Zelenka, if the stain on the skin has already managed to dry?Come to the aid is the same mixture of lemon juice and alcohol, but in this case the procedure scrubbing green diamond is not so simple.

Other anti-stain zelenki

If you do not have lemon juice or alcohol and you do not know what to launder Zelenka, you can scrub stains brilliant green one, is also quite effective way.For this you need a normal fat cream or lotion that will need to apply and wash off the stains zelenki several times.

safest method of removing green fodder

If all of the above methods of scrubbing zelenki you for one reason or another do not fit, and you continue to torment the question of what to launder Zelenka from the face or body, to help you can comeregular dining soda.Do not be amiss to note that soda has excellent bleaching properties.In this regard, the powder was well suited to removing stains not only from the skin but also with tissue or other surfaces.To remove stains of green fodder, you will need to mix the powder with soda water to a mushy consistency and using fleece applied to the surface, wash off after a few seconds.If necessary, repeat the procedure again.It should be noted that this method of removing stains green stuff is not only effective, but also the safest.Therefore, this method can be used to wipe the stain of green fodder with the baby's skin or from the skin, which is sufficiently sensitive to any stress.

So in the end I want to give some advice: not to wonder about what to launder Zelenka, buy it not in vials and a special pencil that is very comfortable and, most importantly, safe to use.