Apricot liqueur: how to cook it at home.

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sweet tooth prefer to celebrate the holidays with a glass of liquor in his hand.And those who are not too sweet welcome, willing to use this drink to create a variety of cocktails.And for those and for others the best one will be especially apricot liqueur - the taste of the fruit ennobles even the most basic components included in the alcohol mixture.Even without holidays it can be useful to fans of baking - cakes soak for a loved cake.

is enough wealthy people can afford a real French apricot liqueur.Its taste, softness and aroma to conquer even the proponents of stronger and less sweet drinks.Those who "Frenchman" beyond its means, and counterfeiting of pay would not be desirable, easily can prepare Abrikotin as called apricot liqueur own.Moreover, even in several ways.

Apricot liqueur pitted

easiest option - permission or excuse vodka jam - we will not be considered as a profanation of the noble beverage.Make it according to the rules.

Because some people are afraid of hydrocyanic acid, which contain bones, describe to start, how to make apricot liqueur at home without disturbing additions.Washed and obsushennye fruit crush, bone thrown.Thus treated raw material should have a kilo.Apricot pulp cut and fill with sugar (eight grams for sweet varieties will be enough) for four hours to stand out juice.Then the bowl is placed on the fire, it is poured a glass of water, "compote" boiled for half an hour.When cool, the mass is rubbed through a sieve, filtered and connected with vodka.

Depending on the planned fortress of vodka taken from a half to two standard half-liter bottles.Insist apricot liqueur should at least two months.In general, the longer withstand it, the tastier get.

Liquor apricots with pits

This version - a more refined and expensive.In addition, it is for those who do not mind using apricot nucleoli.One and a half kilograms of fruits are processed to juice or with a juicer, or, if not, by a grinder and gauze.

juice poured in two and a quarter liter of brandy and a liter of vodka, and the capacity is capped at ten days left in the pantry.Bones crack fruit, they are removed from the kernel, are ground or pounded and pour a glass of vodka for the same period.At any time after two beverage blend together.In almost finished apricot liqueur is poured half a kilogram of sugar, after its dissolution may be spilling a drink on the beautiful bottles.By the way, better to add sugar in part to stop in time and not pereslastit.

Now for cocktails that can be created on the basis of their own aged liquor.


On one glass taken over forty milliliters of apricot liqueur, pineapple juice and champagne, thirty - any lemonade and a tablespoon of cherry syrup.At the bottom sprinkled ice cubes (one-third the height of the glass) are placed on top of pieces of peach and pineapple (canned fruits can be taken), then pour all the liquid.You can celebrate the holiday!


To make this cocktail with apricot liqueur, twenty milliliters of this drink shaken shaker, along with the same amount of orange juice and ice.The mixture is decanted into a glass of champagne and topped it up to the desired level.Cocktail cherry - and the guest is served a glass (or yourself).


little shaken in a shaker glass of vodka, curacao and a spoonful of apricot liqueur and spoon lime juice (lemon, you can, but lost the zest).Cocktail is filtered into a glass of whiskey, which is already the ice, and the capacity is decorated with an orange circle.Wishes he could eat.


fairly strong but delicious cocktail with apricot liqueur.By polstopki (30 ml) gin and orange juice combine with 15 ml of liquor passed through a shaker with ice and filtered into a glass.

Cocktail "Universe»

to merge it into a shaker cup and a stack of tonic liqueur and gin.Adding lime juice - three tablespoons, and ice.Two minutes of shake and strain into a tall can be a delicate glass.Lime is used for decoration.

Cocktail «Amber»

drink really turns amber.In a tall glass with ice poured a pile of apricot liquor and 150 ml of sweet champagne.You can take sweet, but certainly not Brut.For decorations using two slices of peach, preferably fresh.

«My lord»

Why is this cocktail with apricot liqueur gets its name is unknown.But the taste is nice, but its strength is to use the dishes are not voluminous glass of whiskey or brandy glass.The glass with ice pour 30 ml vodka 20 - liquor.Other components are absent.Note that if you add a glass of lemon juice, instead of "my lord" will "Charming Lady".


For this cocktail need as much as four types of beverages: anise and apricot liqueur and vodka, curacao.At the thirty milliliters strong component is over 10 ml (teaspoon) of each liquor.All the company is shaken shaker with ice, strain into a glass, which has placed ice and half apricot soaked in brandy.