Uppercut - is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a boxer

uppercut - a powerful blow, which is applied on the inside of the vertical trajectory.With the English word translates literally as "slash from the bottom up", which perfectly conveys the purpose of this technique.It is noteworthy that the uppercut is one of the two hardest hit, along with cross.Fist impact fingers turned inward.

How to beat the uppercut

This attack does mostly from close range.This goes knuckle flight path by a vertical line - from the batter's chest up.Most often, the aim of this impact is the chin of an opponent who may not be covered by this speeding attack.Most boxers prefer to put the unit, placing the gloves at the cheeks and cheekbones vertically.Therefore uppercut able to slip between the hands in the resulting space.In the photo above, we see a perfect example of the art of striking the Mexican lightweight Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight with Michael Katsidis.

El Dinamita also likes to use this kind of impact, perfectly combining a left uppercut with a right cross.Such tactics can be traced in almost all his fights, especially in the confrontation with the left-handed Filipino Manny Pacquiao.

uppercut on the body

Do not forget about the uppercut, which are aimed at the torso.The aim of such attacks is vulnerable solar plexus, liver and spleen.This allows you to work on housing and bring down the rate of breathing count, which adversely affects the stamina in the second half of the match.Many boxers base their tactics on constant blows to the body.

uppercut on the body most effectively applied when the opponent takes a breath.At this point his ribs rise, leaving the bodies uncovered.Of course, calculate breath opponent is not so simple, however, a similar technique has often led to the premature end of the bout.A perfect example is an uppercut photos which you can see below (kick Lucian Bute).Romania managed famously put to the abdomen opponent, which led to the knockdown.

Cases knockout punch to the body of boxing history has myriad.For example, the famous American champion, former world champion in several weight categories Roy Jones Jr. loved to start or complete their combination of body punches: hook, uppercut to the body forced the opponents to give up.It happened, and vice versa - blows to the head to distract the attention of the opponent, Roy begins to process the body of the opponent.

uppercut - a treacherous blow

This becomes clear if you look at some aspects of the application technique uppercut.Earlier it was said that uppercut breaks on the inner path, but not everyone understands what it means in reality.

The photo above middleweight Brandon Rios holds a right uppercut in the cheekbone American Peterson.Izobrezhanie beautifully conveys the views of focus both boxers.Beat Rios for Peterson is out of sight, which exacerbates the response of the brain and skeletal system resulting in the shake-up.

This means that the element of surprise adds the damage dealt by an uppercut.Fist of the batter becomes visible to the enemy only in recent times, so a blow harder to react.Not to mention an uppercut to the body, which are distinguished by their lightning speed and the inability to parry as hand clumping boxer remains out of sight of your opponent in 99% of cases.

How to fend off an uppercut?

uppercut - a treacherous blow also because such an attack is easily countered, because to avoid hitting boxer just need to take your head back slightly.In this case, a fighter emissions uppercut, left unprotected, uvodimy inertia impact.Therefore, cases caused inaccurate KOs after uppercut is not less than the exact hit.There have been at all curious cases, such as when the British heavyweight Tyson Fury missed and struck such a blow himself.

uppercut technique MMA

uppercut - a technique that is used in the context of technology MMA, where it can be used in circumstances which do not allow to use it in the boxing ring.

It is about the art of fighting dirty boxing.This term implies active work in the clinch where both fighters are in the front (as pictured above).Such a position is not prohibited under the competition in mixed martial arts, so competitors seek to inflict maximum damage on each other from close range.Often paired with uppercuts used elbows, which are very effective in the clinch.

should take into account the parameters of the local gloves, which are much smaller.This gets more pinpoint strikes that are hard to block, given the area of ​​hand tools.