The Great Lakes of North America.

One of the most beautiful corners of the continent is an area known as the Great Lakes of North America.It is located in the basin of the St. Lawrence River and is known almost all over the world as an incredibly beautiful place where nature is preserved intact.Which lake to include and how big they are?Do the continent's other major reservoirs of this type?Let's look and find the answers to all possible questions about these unique natural areas of the North American continent.

Group Great Lakes

This unique natural conglomerate reservoirs located on the border of the territory of the United States and Canada.Under the definition to mean a group of five major lakes, which are sometimes added, and more modest in size.Nevertheless primarily always mentioned Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario.Sometimes the Great Lakes of North America also include Saint-Clair.In addition, the pool consists of the river - Niagara, St. Lawrence, Saint Marys, Detroit.The waters in these parts are different minimum mineralization.In the waters there are more than one hundred and seventy species of the families of trout, carp, perch, salmon, whitefish.In the south of the territory is surrounded by industrial areas and in the north - agrarian and raw material industry.In addition, the banks are located cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee, Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit and Toronto.The Great Lakes of North America are among the largest catchment systems - they contain eighteen percent of the world's fresh water.Recharge Basin occurs via precipitation, surface and groundwater flows.

Lake Superior

It is the largest fresh water body in the continent.Included in the Great Lakes of North America's Top inferior in terms of only Lake Baikal and Tanganyika.Eleven and a half thousand cubic kilometers of the pond provide a confident third place.The depth of Lake Superior is an average of seven meters forty-one hundred and, and reaches a maximum of four to six.It is located between the US and Canada.The coastline is long takes four thousand three hundred eighty-seven kilometers.All of it is indented with numerous coves and bays.The largest lake in North America long takes five hundred sixty kilometers and a maximum width - two hundred and sixty, that can not fail to impress even the one who is not too familiar with the normal size.On the southern part of its surrounding plain.In the north - cliffs and rocks.St. Marys River unites with the Lake Huron.It is believed that the body of water has arisen due to the movement of tectonic plates, which originated deep faults and then they leveled the glaciers.Anyway, this is a unique place, which is considered a natural wonder of the world.


Lake, the location of which connects it with the band Great, known to mankind for a long time.Once upon a time there lived Indians, the name of the tribe which was named and a pond.They were engaged in agriculture, fished and hunted.During the colonization of these places attracted Europeans.First began to grow roots are French, drew a map of the shoreline.At the lake began to appear woodworking factory and began searching for minerals.The Indians also have virtually disappeared from this region.Huron is surprisingly long coastline, part of six thousand one hundred fifty-six kilometers.On its territory there are many small islands.Technological advances have changed the ecological system of the lake, the water disappeared, many shellfish and fish, so the Government of Canada and the United States developed a protective program.


On the banks of the pond is one of the most famous US cities - Chicago.The area of ​​Lake Michigan is more than fifty-seven thousand kilometers.The white beaches reminiscent of the Atlantic coast, like the Americans at the beginning of the last century, due to vacation here has become extremely popular.In spite of the northern location, a pond covered with ice only four months a year.Popular activities are considered fishing.As the largest lake in North America, Great Michigan is full of different species of salmon, perch and carp.Their fishing is closely monitored Agency for Environmental Protection.Another popular holiday is the beach.Coastline length of forty kilometers of which can accommodate twenty-eight urban places for recreation, open free of charge.


fourth in the Great lake covers an area of ​​twenty-five thousand seven hundred square kilometers.In the world, it is the size of the thirteenth.Lake Erie is located in Canada and the United States, stretching from west to east.It washes the border of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario.From December to early April Erie hidden ice.In his fall many rivers - Detroit, Huron, Cuyahoga, Grand, Reiziņš.Lake Erie surrounds several cities - Toledo, Buffalo, Cleveland, Monroe.Name of the water due to the local Indians - erielhonan tribe.Its average depth is nineteen meters and the maximum is equal to sixty-four.


enumerating the great lakes of North America, can not remember it.Its name comes from the local dialect Indians and means "beautiful."In Great Ontario system is the smallest, but its volume is even greater than that of Erie.The coastline is just over a thousand kilometers.The maximum depth of two hundred forty-four meters, and the average is equal to eighty-six.Most of the water comes here from Niagara and the rest deliver the Humber River, Oswego, Genesee, and rainfall.The lake has several islands, the largest is the Wolf.To get to it can only be on the ferry.Ontario virtually never freezes.On its shores are located cities such as Toronto, Rochester, Hamilton, Kingston.Like many other large lakes of North America, Ontario boasts a large number of fish, a variety of animals, plants and birds.

St. Clair

Great Lakes of North America, which are listed above, and may also include the pond.Lake St. Clair takes one hundred and fourteen kilometers tysyachu square.Its depth is noticeably inferior to another, and even in the maximum variant does not exceed eight meters.The main river is the same name and connects St. Clair with Huron.In addition, here fall Thames, Saydengem and Clinton.Detroit River connects Lake Erie with.For the first time Europeans have appeared on local shores in August 1679, the day of Santa Clara.In the southwest of Detroit is located, the city of the United States, and Windsor - it belongs to Canada.Right on the lake is a state border.


Enumerating lakes of North America, a list can not but complement this name.Manitou - unique lake.It is located on Manitoulin Island.The island, in turn, is located in Lake Huron.Thus, mannitol is inside it.When this had impressive dimensions of the length of twenty kilometers wide and six.Interesting fact - in the Manitou Islands also have.They also house the lake.Complex systems distinguishes it among others.Furthermore, mannitol differs extremely salty water.Lie down and be able to swim even those who decided to do it the first time.Around the lake is a national park that can be visited from May to October.


In northwestern Ontario is another body of water associated with the Great Lakes.It Nipigon.The area of ​​the lake is nearly five thousand kilometers, and the maximum depth is equal to one hundred and sixty five meters.From Nipigon follows eponymous river, which flows into Lake Superior near the city of Thunder Bay.The area is famous for a variety of caribou living on the banks.Once the lake was much larger and was called Agassiz.The current name is associated with the word "continuous water" used by local inhabitants of the Ojibwa tribe.It is the perfect place to relax ideal for fishing - here you can catch pike, whitefish, trout and walleye.Fishing is controlled by the special services of a commercial nature, so fear cause serious damage to the environment is not necessary.


This lake is also located in the Canadian province of Ontario.It is located above sea level - at a height hundred ninety-five meters.Along the coastline there are small islands of alluvial origin.The length of the lake covers nearly eighty kilometers and thirty in width, with a maximum depth of two meters fifty.The name means "little water" - water reservoir is the eleventh largest in the province.There are wonderful conditions for fish habitat, which lives here more than forty species.The list includes pike, perch, pike, whitefish.The largest city is the North Bay.Nipissing first saw the French explorer in 1610-m, over the next two hundred years, the lake has gained importance for transport, and thus began to settle around people.When held near the Canadian Pacific Railway, the number of population increased rapidly.Now there are about fifty thousand people.In addition, during the warm season it attracts a lot of tourists.They attract national parks Nature Conservation: Manitou Islands, West Sandy Island Mashkinondzh and South Bay.

Other large lakes

worth mentioning a few ponds that do not belong to the system are great, but still worthy of a visit.For example, the Great Salt - the largest fresh water body is not in the United States.This lake is located in Utah.Lovers of extreme conditions can go to Alaska.There is Lake Iliamna.It is interesting to look at, and is the largest water reservoir of the country, Lake Oahe, which is on the border of North and South Dakota.Another salt lake located in Louisiana and is called Pontchartrain.In California, a pond with similar properties called the Salton Sea.Along the Canadian-US border are located Champlain, Rainy Lake and Forest - after meeting with them, and you can go to the Great Lakes, which are very close, in the same province of Ontario and New York State.