Well-groomed woman: basic precepts.

Well-groomed woman ... What is it?Are there criteria for this determination?What you need to do to look well-groomed?What are the different ways to do?How to become a lady at 100%?

desire to be beautiful, well-groomed, attractive, to attract envious glances rivals admired men - one of the cherished desires of every woman.But to want something - not to be able to.Many ladies do not know and do not understand what they need to do to look like a well-groomed woman.Let us examine this question.In this article we will look at everything in order.

Commandments groomed woman

  1. hygiene and cleanliness.This, undoubtedly, is the first commandment.The day should begin with the shower and finish as water treatments.Clean body, hair and nails - what first catches the eye.This should worry everyone.Greasy hair, dirty nails give the impression of carelessness.With such a man is unpleasant to communicate.This simple truth is grafted us parents since childhood.
  2. Commandment number two - free time.Well-groomed woman must daily find themselves at least one hour to unwind and relax, take a bath, do what he likes and get away from household chores.After all, chat with friends, too, would be desirable.In order not to look tired, you need to entertain yourself.
  3. third truth - beautiful nails.You can learn how to do a manicure at home or use the services of beauty salons.Every woman has the right to choose itself.It is important that nail polish was not cracked.The calm tone and trim your nails look very elegant and suitable for any outfit, in contrast to the bright, flashy colors, which are not in harmony with all the clothes.
  4. fourth commandment - a pleasant aroma.Good, expensive perfume must be every woman.Lightweight, unobtrusive flavor - a sign of grooming.It is important not to overdo it with the amount, as this could cause a backlash among others.Everything is good in moderation.
  5. fifth commandment - haircut or styling.It is very important for women.It is not necessary to have an elaborate hairstyle.It is enough to make a good haircut, ensure that the hair was always clean.Also, if you can not use the services of a specialist would have to learn to do the packing yourself.It is advisable to visit a barber at least once a month, to revive and to shape the hairstyle.
  6. sixth commandment - style clothing.If a woman is brought before us with a good laying, manicured nails, the right makeup, but in mint or stale clothes, then it will spoil all the good impression of her.Well-groomed woman not afford to in this form.In the wardrobe of every woman to be a classic skirt, shirt and pants, black dress, the same tone jacket, a beige sweater with V-neck cashmere coat and 3-4 pairs of shoes.
  7. Commandment number seven - down with excess hair.All procedures for removing unwanted vegetation necessary to spend time.We can not forget about the hair removal.Legs, armpits, eyebrows should always look perfect.
  8. Eighth Commandment - makeup.It must be applied accurately with a minimum number of cosmetics.The make-up day is not focus on everything at once.For example, on the lips or eyes.Evening make-up can be bright.However, it should explore the map color combinations.If you use this knowledge, your face will look perfect with the image as a whole will be the most harmonious.
  9. ninth truth - shoes.It should fit together and style.Shoes should look perfect and be expensive.After her pay attention to everything around you.
  10. Commandment number ten - gait.Beautiful well-groomed woman never not in a hurry.It always comes on time.Lady always keeps posture is no slouch, not limping, and is sustained pace.This representative of the fairer sex can not be ignored in the crowd.

All of the above - this is the 10 Commandments groomed woman.Keeping them on a daily basis, the lady will always look beautiful, elegant, modern and attractive.These truths are simple.Each of us can do it if he wants.

How to become a super-lady?

If the above signs of well-groomed woman who cause any doubt, they can be supplemented by several other important points.Try at least once a month to visit a beautician for treatments for face and body.Spa facilities also help to look chic.Several times a month is recommended to visit a solarium.The snow-white Hollywood smile should be well-groomed ladies each.Psychologists say that people who do not have dental problems, open communication, feel more comfortable and confident.

beauty salon and special care - the key to perfect shiny and healthy hair.And, of course, do not forget about healthy eating.The diet should contain all the necessary components for the functioning of the body.

Do I look bad?

multiple transmissions, websites, books, magazines and other sources talk about how to become a well-groomed woman, how to perform facials, apply makeup, dress stylishly and so on. D. All the necessary conditions for the ladies looked gorgeous.But despite this, the streets are constantly encountered groomed woman.The reasons may be different.Reluctance to spend free time in the "stupidity."Also, some women do not want to see his poor appearance.Someone's family, children and all the work takes time and effort.Lack of money and other reasons do not occupy the last place in this list.

Despite these reasons, this does not justify women who look bad and do not want to take care of themselves.Life is given to us once, each of us - the one and only, so you need to pamper yourself.Then, the surrounding people will treat you properly.First, you must learn to love yourself.

My years - my wealth

Mature manicured woman may look a few years younger.Surrounding see in front of the charming the fair sex and can not determine its age.These results are achieved if secure proper care for face and body in his youth.In adulthood, look good is much more complicated.This requires additional cosmetic procedures, and, consequently, financial investments.Despite this, the mature woman, wanting to experience a second youth, do not spare money and time to care for themselves.

correct discreet makeup, use of cosmetics for the face, body, arms provide a beautiful view of a lady of any age.

Make-up for women's

When applying color cosmetics, women must take account of their skin.The main thing - do not overdo it.A large number of cosmetics never use mature well-groomed woman, as this will accentuate age-related changes and give the person an unnatural appearance of the mask.Before you apply light make-up, you need to prepare.Moisten face and neck.For mature skin loses its ability to retain sufficient moisture and becomes dry.Over the years, many women have defined the brand and, in fact, care.If it does not, you could not find something that suits you, then you need to consult a beautician.

age, moisturizing cream should be more bold.Also, over the years may receive excess vegetation, which must be promptly removed.

After using the moisturizer, apply a thin layer of a light foundation.Powder you do not need, because it will accentuate every wrinkle.On the cheeks can be coated with a thin layer of blush, preferably a cream shade.Liner gray or dark brown eyes will give expressiveness, and a little mascara on the eyelashes will complement your image.Eyebrows can distinguish shadows or pencil.On the lip contour plot the fat pencil natural color.Then use a discreet lipstick.With the make-up to look smart.It is appropriate for any occasion.

They gaze lingers passers

Well-groomed woman (photo in the article there) always stand out from the masses of people.They give the impression of wealth and success.These women - the object to follow, and for loved ones - the object of pride.Groomed the fairer sex wants to examine and admire its way.Is not that what we all want to achieve?

groomed woman can be found on several grounds: the hand with the beautiful manicure, pedicure presence, absence of excess vegetation on the body, the skin perfectly smooth, light tan.Shiny hair, the right haircut and styling, discreet makeup, well-chosen clothes, straight back and unhurried gait - all this is an integral part of elegance.

Let us open a few secrets

well-groomed women cherish their little secrets that help them attach to his face and body of such a spectacular view.It is these nuances help lady feel beautiful, attractive and desirable.

  • first secret lies in the active lifestyle.
  • second secret - no bad habits.Nicotine and alcohol adversely affect the condition of the body both internally and externally (hair, nails, skin).
  • third secret - the individual style of dress.Not to chase fashion, which changes every day, you can create a unique image that skillfully emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.If you are not confident in their abilities, you can contact the experts for help.The stylist will tell you what things are most suitable, as they combine with each other and so on. D.
  • fourth secret - optimism is a vital position.We must learn to enjoy the world and give your good mood to all people.Smile and laugh - a pledge of good mood and success.

Errors "groomed" women

observing all the commandments, studying the secrets and rules well-groomed woman can not achieve the desired result.Self-confident ladies, believing that they themselves know how to create an image, often wrong, and look ridiculous.It is better to trust the professionals, who will select the correct style, make-up, care products for face and body.If possible, you can use the services of a stylist.Each artist must be a professional in their field.For example, if a woman immersed in work and has achieved success in it, then it will come to help those who are not skilled in the art.Therefore, before you dye your hair in any color, you need to consult with a hairdresser, and not engage in independent action.Sometimes it is so difficult to achieve the intended result, not knowing certain nuances.So it must be in all that relates to personal care.Businesses are more aware of current trends and innovations.

Why be beautiful?

groomed women photos are posted on the glossy pages, or just met us on the street, cause delight.They make a positive impression on both men and women.Well-groomed appearance - a ninety percent success in any business.For example, during an interview on the employment of the employer is required to pay attention to the appearance.And if the choice is which of the candidates to give preference (and one will have a sloppy appearance), it is not difficult to guess what decision the boss.

Men are very proud, when there is such a woman.Strong representative of mankind like envious glances competitors.

And children are always happy when their mom looks like a big sister.That they love to show off in front of their peers.Girls always imitate his mother, so a child must show the right example to care for themselves.

For myself, my husband and children have to look perfect.And this man will keep stimulus.He will not have a reason to relax in family relationships, thinking that such an unattractive wife does not need anyone, because no one on it does not pay attention.

Knowing all the signs of a well-groomed women keep themselves in perfect shape in the cellar.Especially when there is a significant incentive for this.

Manners Lady

Even the most well-groomed woman should know how to behave correctly in the community, so as not to spoil the first impression of yourself.Slow motion, calm and quiet voice, straight posture and gait restrained - that teach those girls who want to look like a real lady.Lack of ridiculous and unnecessary movements, right speech - all this will complement the image of the well-groomed and successful woman.

If the fair sex would be suitable to look, but to slouch or talk loudly, it will ruin the first positive impression of her.All the efforts can be thwarted.