Interior rooms for kids who grow up with them

design of children's rooms is very time-consuming and costly process.Of course, there are many interesting ideas you can use to create an original and functional room for the baby.However, the child is growing, which means that it needs changing.Therefore, the design of the room has to be updated every 2-4 years, and most parents did not thrilled by the prospect.Well, to be quite honest too, that many simply do not have enough finances to make repairs in the nursery so often.The solution is very simple.It is necessary to choose a design that would "grow" with your child!

Create interior nursery out of time, which grows and develops together with its owner, it is not so complicated.Here are some interesting ideas for parents who want to try their hand.

1. Selection of classic elegant color palette

If there is a child, the time flies!The main thing is that we have to notice - it is constant change.How often have to wrestle with choosing a baby gift, because his interests are changing very rapidly.And so the choice of the design of children's bedrooms is not much different from buying a gift, because here, too, should take into account its new hobbies and interests.And they change too often!

To create a room that will grow with your child, you must provide the space that the baby in time to fill yourself.Design a room to start with the selection of exquisite elegant color palette, which will mainly consist of neutral shades.It should stick to just two or three colors and not overwhelm the room too bright colors.

Probably many parents this idea may seem boring, but in this way you can create a blank sheet on which you can draw anything you want.Successful neutral palette does not mean the absence of color.Blue and red are a good choice for the bedroom of boys, and pink and white - for girls.The neutral, calm and at the same time a very interesting choice!

2. Fashionable decor compromise

To create a room that will "grow" with your child, do not fill it too childish decor.Sure, the car-bed for this driver or cots Princess baby will be ecstatic.However, it will not take long, and the older child will consider it boring and uninteresting.Organizing space child's room, it is necessary to think ahead!We must choose a neutral bed, which will be relevant even in a few years.For example, one can buy the bed-transformer, which is regulated in accordance with the age of the child.

timeless quality decor for a child's room - is a multifunctional decor.You can purchase some of the items that will be harmonious and appropriate to look like in the nursery, and in the other rooms in the house - an interesting lamp, original chairs.It's just a few ideas of the many variants of the organization of the interior nursery, which will not leave indifferent kid.We need to find a compromise between what the parents like, and what the child wants.

3. Funny accents

modern science proves the fact that the children get bored more easily than adults, and their brain tends to get as much information, and at a very fast pace.Even if the parents spend a lot of money to create a stunning children's bedroom, the child will soon get tired of it and become a routine.Therefore it is necessary to opt for a neutral background and room to play with color accents.Cool gray background is suitable for boys bedrooms.Particularly impressive it will look spectacular in combination with red, turquoise relaxing and inspiring green.In the girls' room is the ideal option white background with bright pink and trendy purple accents.

4. Toys, accessories and textiles

Experts say that every repair or update the design of a room or the whole house should be a tiered approach.Instead of treating the room as a whole, it is better to break it up into different stages, and then to work with each of them separately.The children's room accessories, toys and textiles make up the last part of the puzzle.This is the easiest way to periodically update a bedroom that does not provide an adjustment to the overall interior design.For example, you can add the linen room with the image of super-heroes.

The bedrooms of girls you can apply the same approach, for example by adding themed posters and bed linen in the style of Disney Princess.These accents can be changed without any effort over time and give the room a fresh look.A similar approach can be applied to toys, wallpaper and posters.All these elements help instantly and without hassle to transform the atmosphere of the room.

5. Geometric patterns and animalistic prints

For several years, geometric designs, elegant stripes and images of animals in the children's bedrooms were a fashionable trend.And no wonder, since they give the room a playful look.They are relevant for both teenagers and adults.The intricate prints are also part of the adult world.It is this emphasis is able to make a nursery out of time and fashion.

As for the girls' room, there is a popular choice are the floral prints.However, you should make sure that the style and character of the figure is not too child, and over time, adding to the interior of the room simple changes and other accessories, bedroom adapted to adult needs.

6. Rethinking storage space

Children - this is the room where you have to think very good storage space.Instead of buying multiple boxes of toys, why not use interesting wicker baskets or even wall shelves for storage and display of personal belongings of the child.

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