Up to what age pay child allowance in Russia?

birth of a child not only requires care and attention, but also to ensure improvement.It involves considerable costs.For this reason, the state provides different kinds of child allowances.Being a mother on maternity leave significantly reduces the family budget.However, the child requires additional costs.That is why the state pays benefits to families with small children.If we talk about how many now pay child benefits, the duration of payment depends on their type.Our article is devoted to the question of how many years to pay child benefit.

one-time payment

Today, many people are interested in the issue of financial payments and benefits.Up to what age pay child benefit - one of the main.The biggest benefit paid by the state, is a one-time payment (its size is 13,741 rubles.).It is allowed to register within 6 months after delivery.Get this kind of social benefits can a father, mother or one of the adoptive parents or guardians.Payments are made at the place of his father, mother or guardian.The Social Security oversees the payment of financial assistance to parents, which is issued to unemployed persons who in their handling of the issue of benefits.

Maternal capital

Many families can apply for a certificate of the parent capital.This benefit, which helps families to acquire housing, improve housing and communal conditions.Provided it once for the entire life of the mother who gave birth to the second, third, and so on. D. Toddler.The size of the payment of 429,408 rubles.In its preparation are entitled only Russian citizens, a woman who gave birth to a second child after 2007, female representatives, who gave birth to a third child, but did not use the help of a second after the birth.Also, the certificate can obtain a man who adopted the second, third, and so on. D. Toddler.

Maternal capital will not be paid in cash on hand.This assistance is given in the form of family certificate.You can use it for different purposes: to improve housing conditions and utility (the money can be used for the construction or purchase of housing), education of children, increasing pensions mother.

payment for 1.5 years

Working mothers after birth within 1.5 years paid monthly 40% of average monthly earnings (median salary is taken of the last two years).The minimum amount of social assistance after the birth of her first child in 2576 is equal to the sum of 63 rubles.If the child - not the first, the minimum payout is 5153.24 rubles.every month, and the maximum - 14 625 rubles.

Unemployed and military personnel given social assistance in the amount of 2576.6 rubles.for the first and 5153.24 rubles.for the second and subsequent children.To get this benefit, you must submit a request in the workplace or in social management.protection (if the parents do not work).Working citizens must submit the following documents: a birth certificate or adoption, application, certificate of employment.Those persons who do not have permanent jobs, additionally need to bring an extract from the employment service.It confirms the non-receipt of benefits.You will also need work-book, in which there is a record of the dismissal, and bank details, which will be transferred to cash.

payment for 3 years after the birth of a baby

So how many years to pay child benefit?Get it can be up to three years of age.One of the parents or guardians can receive monthly social assistance for three years in the presence of a permanent job.Individuals performing military service, and those who were dismissed in connection with the liquidation of the company, can also apply for such aid.To do this, they need to arrange the necessary documents and are no longer wondering about how many years to pay child benefit.The size of social assistance is 50 rubles or more.

Other social assistance

also newly minted mom can get a regional or gubernatorial payments.However, their pay is not in all areas.For example, a resident of Moscow can receive monthly social allowance in the amount of 9188 rubles.The amount of assistance depends on the subsistence minimum established by the state of the family.

In this article we answer the question of how many to pay child allowance (this may be a one-time payment or multiple assistance for 1.5 years).The amount of payments depends on the type of benefits and some other factors.Contents can benefit every citizen of the Russian Federation, having babies.

Apply for a social financial assistance in connection with the birth of a child can be any low-income family, and families whose income is much lower than the cost of living in the region in which they live.Now the reader knows what the child benefits.Up to what age can they pay the State, it was also discussed in the article.