8 secrets healthy and beautiful skin in the cold season

cold autumn and winter sometimes make us miss the warm and sunny summer, but there is no reason that our beauty went on for six months, with the summer heat.

Of course, summer is easier to look radiant, relaxed, tanned and beautiful, but there are many ways to preserve the health and beauty of the skin, even in autumn and winter.We offer you 8 secrets that will help you look great in the cold season.

So here 8 autumn-winter secrets of healthy and beautiful skin :

1. Moisturizer at night.

Hydration and moisturizing again - that's the secret of skin care, especially in the cold season, and especially before going to bed, because it was the night the skin is resting, and is produced in this time treated with hormones and vosstanavalivayut it.Apply to face a special night cream with the effect of deep moisturizing, and you wake up with a soft, supple, radiant and even more youthful skin.

2. «Moisturize from the inside."

We all know how important it is to moisturize the skin - but no less important to ensure that the whole body was enough moisture.Of course, 8 of glasses of water a day is easier to drink in the summer, but there are other drinks - juices, tea, coffee and even, in extreme cases.Dehydration of the body - one of the main causes of sagging, dull, wrinkled skin, and cartridges is not only dry but oily skin.

3. Glowing foundation makeup.

small but easy and useful trick - try luminous foundation (base) of makeup.Ability to reflect light, such a framework is not only mask the flaws of your skin, but also will give a natural, easy and youthful glow face.One of the best examples of the cosmetic product is Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani.

4. Weekly cleaning (peeling) of the skin.

Your skin constantly produces new cells, and while trying to remain on the surface, which is why the skin looks dry and dull.Weekly cleaning (peeling) skin will relieve you of dead skin cells, causing skin will look brighter, younger and fresher.In addition, after cleansing moisturizing means it will be easier to absorb into the pores of the skin, so they will operate more efficiently.

5. do not worry!

In the truest sense of the word - autumn and winter refrain from long, hot baths, bathing in the shower or steam room.For daily bathing or evening bath enough for 10-15 minutes in warm water, as hot water during prolonged exposure to dry the skin, depriving it of natural fat cover charge of radiance and hydration of the skin.

6. The humidifier in the room.

In the cold season, humidity usually drops that dry the skin, so not only the cream, but elektrouvlazhnitel air - your best friend in autumn and winter.Include it at night - and breathing becomes easier, and the skin is hydrated further - in the morning your face will look more fresh.

7. Regular intake of multivitamins.

Talk to your doctor and dietitian - if they have no objections, include in your daily diet multivitamin complex.Regular intake of the morning compositions rich in vitamins A, C and E, will benefit your skin.Vitamin A softens the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, Vitamin C strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, helps fight acne and other defects, and vitamin E protects the skin from ultraviolet light.

8. Training up a sweat.

Regular physical training, fitness and exercise to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and help nourish skin cells.Thus perspiration discloses pores, helps the body to bring the harmful toxins that lead to acne and inflammation of the skin.Therefore, train and sweat and your skin will thank you.