Ju-Jitsu - what is it?

This ancient martial art has Japanese roots.Jiu-jitsu, what is it?Absolutely correct translation of the Japanese language is not, the options are many.The most popular of them - a "soft art", "art of the four fingers."

history style

first school in which they teach this art, called Esin Ryu.Translated from Japanese means "school of willow."Iva reveals the meaning of style of jiu-jitsu.It demonstrates their ability to be soft and cave in under the pressure, but did not break.

believed that there is a parable that explains why willow has become a symbol of this complex art of combat:

«On top of the rock at the cliff grew two trees - willow and oak.From time to time the wind blew strong.Oak was strong, standing rigidly in place and no wind could not move it.Willow, when strong winds just sag under their power.When a gust of wind came to an end, she straightened back to its original position.But one day, the wind blew the strongest of all time, that these trees grew.Oak could not stand broke and fell.Meanwhile, the willow, as usual bent, but when the wind left the mountain - again stood on it in all its glory. "

This parable helps answer the question: "Jiu-jitsu - what is it?".

Teaches ability to be soft

principle of martial arts - to be tough when necessary, but also to be able to bend, then to straighten up.

martial arts master to constantly improve their skills, because they believed that the only way they will be able to know the true way of the warrior jiu-jitsu.

said that the diversity of this fighting style and was the main reason why it has gained great popularity among the Europeans after the development of Japan's closed.

At the time of the primary school of jujitsu separated and raised two distinct styles - judo and aikido.

modern martial arts

We will understand the modern jiu-jitsu.What is it to say, perhaps, that the popularity of which has found the style, especially in the fighting without rules.It is a martial art is a universal style of learning that followers acquire a variety of skills as a combat arms, and without it.In it are used throwing and striking techniques, as well as various techniques and methods of suffocating hold (Hold) enemy.Techniques of jiu-jitsu very hard and dangerous.

It is used special services and army many countries of the world in which skills are needed instant deter criminals and terrorists.If at the time when jiu-jitsu is only spread through Europe, it was closed a martial art, but today they can be engaged in everything.Around the world there are hundreds, if not thousands, of schools of jujitsu, which is a master of style are ready to teach their students methods of struggle with the external physical manifestation of aggression.

What belt are in Jiu-Jitsu?

Like karate, jiu-jitsu has its gradation and rating zones, which are issued by followers for their skill in the possession of style.

White Belt issued a student who only began training jiu-jitsu.White symbolizes a clean sheet, which, by training, will be superimposed skills.

Yellow Zone means that the student has already memorized some techniques of jiu-jitsu and techniques of self-defense.We emphasize to use the word "memorized", as this concept is different from the "captured."

red zone indicates that the student has mastered speed and powerful punches, and knew the danger posed by weapons.

Green Belt issued student who became confident in the way of knowledge, understanding jujitsu - what is it and what is its purpose, and also owns a majority of the basic techniques.

Blue Belt means that the student has mastered the methods of psychological pressure of jiu-jitsu and can apply them, realizing their danger.

Brown Belt issued student who has decided to fully link their lives with this martial art.

black belt symbolizes the level of the student, who opened her heart and put it in the art of Jiu-Jitsu.

I would like to say that in the Jiu-Jitsu belt are the hallmark craftsmanship characterize the students and their real ability as a reason they can not be obtained.


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu appeared thanks Mitsuyo Maeda who traveled the world, popularizing judo.When he stopped in the country, I began to teach people not only receptions of judo, but also of jiu-jitsu.

Then his disciple founded his school, which attracted his brothers.The school has evolved, changed the match technique, perfected techniques - so was born a new style, which is now known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

famous fighters of this style

First, we note the great teacher who trained many great champions and created a combat system in Brazil - Helio Gracie.He is a national hero and a legend in his own country.Followers repeatedly noted that he has a vision of his Jiu-Jitsu, which he constantly improved.

Thanks Royce Gracie, who became world champion in MMA, UFC win the competition three times, the world looked for a new way to this martial art.He is a legend and Hall of Fame member of this organization and is one of the most popular "veterans."

great fighter Antonio Nogueira, black belt, managed to win the world championships in different versions of the fighting without rules.Its assets championship belt UFC, RINGS, Pride, and WEF.He did not stop on the achieved result and today courageously fighting in various championships.

Jiu-jitsu in Russia

Abroad, everyone knows about our mastery of jiu-jitsu.Russia is famous for its champions and victories.Athletes from Russia are constantly becoming world champions.For example, recently the World Cup was held in Athens Junior.Team Russia won the first place, taking 16 gold medals.

worth noting strength athletes of jiu-jitsu schools in Moscow.Representatives of the capital won two gold, as much silver and bronze medals in the championship.This once again confirms the fact that jiu-jitsu in Moscow and across Russia is very popular, it is constantly developing new and gives the world famous fighters.