228: What does this number?

228 - one of the most common logos on clothing.This icon flashes in the street and on the Internet.And in most cases among adolescents.High school students trying to concoct a brutal form of exhibit T-shirts, caps, hats, posing for foty at AVU.These three figures are often heard from the speakers fonyaschih passing cars.They can also be heard if they accidentally listen to the rhymes that reproduce rap fans sitting in your entryway.


«Well, no, today was a youth with an engraved 666 on T-shirts.Strange, with long hair.But the 228 - it is something new.Yes, and they look to some unhealthy.Number of diseases of the what?228 means that all? "- About such comments give passers-by in the various surveys relating to youth issues.And no wonder.Until recently, the significance of these mysterious figures was not known even to those who are over twenty.And it is a growing interest in the mysterious number (all except the parents of the owners of the logo on their clothes).

Eventually asked.

ask and were amazed.Just glad disappearance Emo subculture is replaced by a new!No less frightening.

first mention

all probably ever ordered a cheap taxi or catch a ride crumbling.If being accomplished a miracle, and this machine has a radio tape recorder, then it certainly played chansons, klubnyak (usually 90 years), or the monotonous chatter like "I looked up at the sky.This is higher than the earth, above my head.Handsomely!".Incidentally, this is also music.At least that's the opinion of many of our children.So amidst this "creativity" across these rhymes like "cigarettes - two two eight", "for those powders spout - Fear two two eight" and many moments when mention of this number, and that itmeans.

«228-culture" anyway, it originates from the texts of modern rap artists.

What is it?

Today there are several values ​​for the number 228. What does it mean, what is its origin, to consider the most well-known examples:

1) Intermediate integer numbers between 227 and 229.

2) 228 means "incident228 ", also known as" 228 Massacre. "This event occurred in Taiwan in 1947.

3) 228 - this article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, warned that awaits those who will be engaged in the storage, distribution, sale and transport of drugs.

4) 228 - symbol of those in the subject.This refers to the drug addicts, drug dealers, people somehow related to this dirty business.

Well, should highlight the value of the fifth, appeared thanks to the efforts of individuals of school age:

5) youth subcultures, used to denote its code 228. What is the number?The worship of nightlife, use heavy / light drugs, rap works of well-known drug abusers.This sign is common in adolescents aged 11 to 17 years.

If in the first and fifth paragraph is clear, then the second, third and fourth worth a closer look.Second - for the overall development.The others - to disrupt a son clothes with the logo 228 and throw it in the oven.

incident in Taiwan

What does the number 228 for the people of Taiwan?In 1945, Taiwan joined back to China, because before that was about fifty years in the status of a Japanese colony.Of course, in the end of World War II, China took the opportunity on a one country winning back their land.However, the population of Taiwan is not particularly glad because, as we believe that the Chinese government is mired in bureaucracy, corruption, greed, and so on. D.

Naturally, with that mindset disaster was not inevitable.All the resentment boiled over into a normal day, when the saleswoman of cigarettes grappled with the authorities.The incident turned into a massacre, which killed about thirty thousand people from the civilian population.Then followed a series of repression, arrests and executions links.What do the numbers 228 in this case?This is the date the incident - February, 28th (02.28).

Probably most students donning T-shirts and baseball caps with the sign 228, expressing thus his condolences to the brotherly people of Taiwan.And the whites of their eyes turn red periodically showering the children on the subject of emotion and tears.

powdered nose - Fear the two-two-eight!

now turn to the Criminal Code of the country.What does Article 228?Consider.

Article 228 states that the illegal nature of the storage, transport, distribution and manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and also includes storage, transportation, sale of plants containing a narcotic or psychotropic substances.

So all these steps entail a fine of forty thousand rubles, which is to be paid within three months.It is also a violation of Article fraught purpose of correctional labor for a period of about two years.Or the offender is sent to public works period of four hundred and eighty hours (of course, with the breathing space).In addition, it stipulates such penalties as "uslovka" or "camp" for a period of three years.

larger image perpetrator faces up to be served by three years.Plus a fine of half a million rubles.

In the case of especially large amounts of sentence will be from ten to fifteen years.And the penalty is already one and a half million rubles and higher.

If the perpetrator turned himself, passed all are his narcotic or psychotropic substances or informed about the places where they are stored, and also have individuals who are such substances, it is presumed innocent, it will not start a criminal case.

But if this repentance comes from a drug dealer, custodian of the carrier during the investigation, removal from narcotic or psychotropic substances, it does not relieve him of criminal responsibility.

large and extra large sizes of narcotic or psychotropic substances are established exclusively by the Government of the Russian Federation.

If the detainee are analogues of narcotic or psychotropic substances, it is equivalent to the specified storage.

Those who are "in the subject»

This is related to the aforementioned custodians, distributors and sellers of drugs.Not rare case when on their pages on social networks can meet the code 228. What is it?In these circles, it is a symbol.Now these individuals freely trade on the streets, you can find very rare, for which many thanks to the nationalists, sportsmen and connoisseurs of healthy lifestyle.They once "slapped on the cap," the activists of this culture.

However, every day there are traders operating incognito.To catch them is extremely difficult, as taught by bitter experience of their injured colleagues they observe every possible measure of secrecy.

essence of their work lies in the supply of goods through the Internet, receiving funds to his e-wallet and leaving sold (bookmarks) in a particular place.Once a trader leaves it, he says this is the place to the buyer.

Those who are "in the school»

Generally, if you find your child this symbolism (especially if they themselves unknowingly purchased for him any thing with this symbolism), this is no reason to sound the alarm.

That means 228 on the cap of your child?Most likely, this is just an imitation of the majority and not more.However, sooner or later it could turn into a real and "admiration" that idol.It's time to hold a conversation about what is good and what is bad.Home - unobtrusively.

Speaking of "Dote"

seems as if not the topic.And in fact it was she who get their network of far more students than the "spice" or "coke" (meaning the drugs).

228 in real life has a very different character than what these figures mean in a computer game.We are talking about the phenomenon of "nagibatorov 228", which means to "Dote" hacking into the system inherent in not particularly fair to the players.

Although if you look from the other side that a child is much more useful to spend time on the street than turn into a vegetable, sitting behind the monitor, it will not be superfluous to throw the system unit in the window.Or unload a whole clip into him from a traumatic gun.Choose what to you better.

Leaving problem

Fortunately, fashion comes and then changing.Those who yesterday wore tight jeans and dyed his hair, now thrust iron rocking.This is to ensure that if your child is prone to just adjacent to the mass flow, that is a good news - Today in fashion sport and a healthy lifestyle.

If he had not yet noticed the same time it carefully (in the literal sense - there is only obsession extra) on this hint.