Funny and silly names sites

newspaper The Sun published a list of found it funny names domain names.RUNET seized the initiative ... the name it is not obvious that this is just about the site (a kind of "island"), where you can buy a pen. - this is not the site of prostitutes, and the database to search for famous people. - not a site for a sex-change experts, and community knowledge-sharing between programmers. - it helps to look not rapists and physicians. - you might think that this is the site of pedophiles, but in fact it is a place where you can buy cold-resistant plants for the garden.

Website of the Estonian kindergarten is the proud name

Institute of Experimental Biology in Estonia there is not quite decent for our eyes and ears at Site created by the American Association nihilists (The American Nihilist Underground Society).

Representation LLC "Stroisviazural-1" is located at - is the site of the Udmurt National Bar Association (URCA).

Online, producing chemicals, paint Welcome message Welcome to Dermo, which can not but raise a smile from the Russian-speaking Internet users.

address is website tourist services - there is, for example, you can order ticket.

French telecommunications company chose the site for its original address - company is called - MiNet.

Site German manufacturer of mosquito nets and dissonant sounds in Russian -

site owned Jopa Company, engaged in landscape design,

address is a charitable non-profit organization Jopa Ministries, Inc.

In addition, there is a site, offering visitors to enjoy hot lunch delivery.

Nigerian company Ebun Industries Limited is a major supplier of cocoa on the world market.Address relevant site -

more offensive sounds website address of the company Education Based Latino Outreach, dedicated to education.

Slovenian information portal is located at

If you type into your browser, you'll be taken to the Japanese website dedicated to networking technologies. takes you to the site of the charitable organization - Singapore United Kingdom Association.

Italian musician chose the original alias, and the site had the same -

A owned company developing microcomputers.

list is not limited to these examples.We invite you to search by address other funny sites on the Internet.

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