In Hollywood, was awarded "Golden Globe"

yesterday in Hollywood, when Moscow was already late at night, took one of the iconic cinematic events - awards "Golden Globe".Note that the holder is then usually receive the "Oscar".

leading 71st ceremony of the second year running were popular comedienne Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

By the way, this year the event was marked by extraordinary events: the red carpet on which were to defile dozens of celebrities, was flooded.

It happened a few hours before the show.How to tell the organizers of the event are likely to probe fire protection system responded to the rise in temperature caused by the numerous spotlights.

on the track spilled so much water that even photographers had to change position to shoot.However, after 15 minutes of technical staff managed to clean water.Therefore, the ceremony began on time and all the guests went on a dry surface.Then everything went as on nakatannomu.

Picture "12 Years a Slave" British director Steve McQueen became the best film drama based on a true story

that occurred in the US in 1939-ies.

in the "Best Musical or Comedy" won "American Hustle" .The prize for Best Director was Mexican Alfonso CuarĂ³n for a picture "Gravity" .

best dramatic actress Cate Blanchett has become for her role in "Jasmine" Woody Allen.The winner in the nomination "Best Actor in a Drama film" was Matthew McConaughey, who played an AIDS patient in the picture "of Dallas Buyers Club" .

comedy genre jury noted the work of Amy Adams, who played in the movie "American Hustle" , and Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in the film Scorsese "Wolf of Wall Strt" .

Star "American Hustle" 23-year-old Jennifer Lawrence won in the category "Best Actress in a Motion Picture."For her, this is the second "Golden Globes": the first one she got last year for his film "My boyfriend - crazy" .

In the category "Best Actor" won Jared Leto for the film "Dallas Buyers Club," in which he played a transgender female.

TV Series "Breaking Bad", final season aired last year, won in the nomination "Best TV series (drama)" at the awards ceremony "Golden Globe".

best animated film called "Cold Heart" .

Recall "Golden Globe" - American Award, awarded Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 1944 for the movies and television pictures.The award "Golden Globe" awarded each year in January by a vote of about 90 international journalists from 55 countries living in Hollywood.It is considered the second most popular film award after award "Oscar".

Photo Source: WENN