Wood - source of energy for humans.

Wood - source of energy for humans.Forests have great influence on the environment and are able to work on such factors as air temperature and humidity on the planet.They also play an important role in the biogeochemical cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur and many other elements.Thanks to the roots of trees slow down the processes of soil erosion, water retained and air flow.

value of forests in nature and human life can not be overstated

great importance of the forest in a person's life.This natural environmentalist plays an important role in the purification from all kinds of physical and chemical pollutants.Forests provide habitat for all kinds of plants and animals, are the source of a number of herbs, berries, fruits and nuts.This - a precious resource, created by nature itself, and pollution can lead to serious disruption of the ecological balance in nature.

Without forests mankind would not have air to breathe, and the soil would not have the necessary range of nutrients to the cultivation of various crops.Trees provide wood needed for construction of buildings and the production of paper, and so on. D. Due to the properties of the root system prevents many disasters, including floods, as the roots to absorb excess moisture.In addition, they hold together the soil, protecting against landslides.

trees - natural air filters

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, which is a vital prerequisite for the existence of organisms on the planet.They assist in the purification of air from a variety of toxic compounds, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and others.Vegetable arrays absorb and store the energy of the sun.Temperature conditions in the world also depends on the amount of green space.

Wood - source of energy for humans.Everyone is familiar with the fact that the forest is always cool and easier to breathe, afraid to assume that it would be with the air temperature, if gone all green spaces in the world.Planting trees in urban areas can help to reduce the high temperature, because the tall buildings of concrete and cement can not properly save people from the heat, and in the shadow of parks and surrounded by nature a man always feels relaxed and secure.

irreplaceable natural resource

role of forests in people's lives can not be assessed as something unequivocal, as this resource is used in a variety of industries.Even in ancient times people gather mushrooms and berries, hunted wild animals, the forest was the main breadwinner and protector.But this is not limited to its function.One of the most important areas of use of these green areas is the manufacture of various medicines.

past, people also used the forest gifts to cure themselves from many diseases.Currently, many cosmetic companies use natural oils and ingredients in the manufacture of its products.Trees also play a role of sound barriers.They protect against noise produced by vehicles and industries.

deforestation threatens human existence

Irrational use of natural resources gradually destroys wildlife and threatens the existence of mankind.Human impact on the forest should be manifested not only in destruction, but also in the building.It is important that the amount of felled trees equal to the number of newly planted.This vital resource should remain on to future generations, which will not only enjoy, but also careful to take care of this natural treasure.

Over the past 50 years has significantly reduced the territory of forest cover due to the irrational use of natural resources by people.The biological diversity of the planet significantly depends on the state of forests.The richer the diversity of life, the more there is opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development, as well as find answers to questions relating to climate change.

Wood - source of energy for human

Forest is the cradle of humanity and its culture, it is of crucial importance in assessing the level of economic life in the civilized world.Its functions are constantly changing, and at each stage of the social and cultural development of the community forest in a person's life has always played an important role.

Currently, forests cover 60% of virgin vegetation of our planet.XXI century is characterized by the dynamic growth of the population of the globe.This significantly expands the demand for consumer goods.To meet their multiple needs, the company uses the energy of natural resources.However, the forest should not be regarded as an inexhaustible and renewable source.

No two trees

main reason why people love trees, is not only that they are beautiful, majestic and unique, because in the world there are no two identical copies, but also the fact that the forest - the sourceenergy for humans for centuries.There is a belief that if a person is sick and feels malaise and fatigue, it's worth it to find a suitable tree and hug it, the pain soon pass.

incredible power of some representatives of the plant world, the height and length of life, which can sometimes reach several centuries, involuntarily forced to respect these creations of nature.A man often feels an emotional bond with the trees that he planted, and next to which were held during childhood and adolescence.