House book and its history

House book appeared in the 18th century.Component and they were private police police stations in every part of the city and belonged to the administrative records.Already at that time by such a document could find a particular person.

function brownies books preserved until today.The samples are the same for the account of the Russian Federation, and enshrined in legislation.Citizens who conducted at least once every property transaction, know that a house register and extract from it.The list of acts of real estate, which provided an extract from the house, a fairly wide (for example, sales transactions, obtaining a permit for reconstruction of the dwelling, etc.).

only on condition that there is a house register, it is possible to get help with a list of persons who have registered or have access to this housing.In the process of carrying out various operations with the real estate House book (more correctly - an excerpt from it) should be available, together with other documents of title.Door-book is put at check in premises owned by citizens.It is stored, usually in the housing department and the HOA (if registration in apartment buildings) or in the hands of owners of private homes.

House book is an essential document that is available to put down all the required mark in his passport at issuance or replacement.In addition, every apartment book is crucial in the process of calculating the number of payments (eg utilities) on the owner of property.

There are times when a person needs an extract from the house - it's the privatization of housing, and registration of all kinds of benefits, and much more.Not to worry the question of how to obtain an extract from the house, you know that this statement is written in the information and payment center.This organization is stored and carried out door-book object property.

There are two kinds of statements from the house:

- Normal.It contains only the information about the registered persons in the room to the current date.

- Extended.It identifies all the citizens who have ever been registered in the room.

For issuance of an extract from the house register fee legislation (at the federal level) is not defined.It can be installed by the local administration.

Validity statements due to formally and depend on the requirements of a particular organization in which it is provided.This is usually from two weeks to one month.

Thus, in order to avoid all sorts of problems in the future and considering what legal significance is the document, you need to register the house register in strict accordance with legal regulations.Since it is just as important a document as a passport of a citizen of the country, and should be kept intact.