Important rules of make-up remover

Makeup removal - a withdrawal of decorative cosmetics, in other words - the cleansing of the skin.This is a very important moment in the care of the skin, and can not be treated lightly, since even the most good skin quickly enough may become poor.

decorative cosmetics combines with dust and skin secretions, violate the respiratory function of the skin, which affects her state.In addition, the pores are contaminated with a favorable environment for various germs that contributes to inflammation.

great importance when the make-up remover is the right choice of cleaning agents, ie,you must take into account the skin type, age, the presence of makeup on her face.

Incorrect make-up remover can damage the skin.The facial skin is elastic, but it is subject to tension, so all the movements to be performed on the massage lines.

particularly carefully and thoroughly it is necessary to perform the eye make-up remover.For centuries, there is no subcutaneous fat, so the skin on them less elastic, and, moreover, very susceptible to the mucous eye irritation.

begin with make-up remover removing lipstick.Thumb and forefinger of his left hand fixed with the skin at the corners of his mouth, and his right hand with a cotton swab remove lipstick from the corner of the lips to their middle.

To remove the mascara from eyelashes on the lower eyelid at the lashes applied cotton swabs moistened, then the right hand, with the help of a feather with detergent, gently remove mascara spiral motion in the direction of the line of growth of eyelashes to the tips.

As pollution shading change.It is necessary to ensure that cosmetic milk falling into his eyes.Another proven method: a cotton swab moistened with water and gently wring out, put on a little olive (corn, peach - any vegetable except sunflower) oil.Smear oil on the swab and gently, without pressing on the eyeball, rubbing the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and then, without taking a swab - from the outside to the inside.

These circular movements are repeated 2-3 times, then washed pad with clean water and another 2 - 3 times in a circular motion clean eyelids makeup.The procedure is repeated until the tampon is not clear.When removing make-up so that the eyelids are never reddened and irritated.

cotton swab along the massage lines treated skin of the eyelids.On the upper eyelid - from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, on the bottom - on the contrary.

facial skin is cleaned on the massage lines.To cleanse can be used: liquid emulsion cream, body lotion, cleansing cream.

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