The nuances of autumn make-up in 2011

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Autumn trends this year are not caught us by surprise.Much of the make-up trends autumn 2011, we know and can do: and style vamp, and Smokey Aes and eyeliner sticker eye."All that we have already passed," - you might say, and rightly so.However, some nuances of the new season is still there.We will study some of them!

lips with gradient colors

Makeup artists dubbed this new style of applying lipstick «Ombre Lip».If interpreted in Russian, then we can call it "banner color" or "lips with gradient colors."

The idea is to give the lips intense color, without depriving them of their volume.Still, "painting over" one lipstick lips, they often look like a stencil, especially for deep matte shades.The solution proposed make-up artist Pat Mekgraf (Pat McGrath), who worked on the autumn-winter 2011 fashion show of Gucci.

products to use make-up artist following: lip liner, two colors of lipstick, lip seal coat (all products of Max Factor).

Briefly application technique lips with a gradient from Pat Mekgrafa follows:

1. trace the lip liner (Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner) deep red hue.

2. Apply lipstick Colour Elixir Lipstick, shade Mulberry.We tried not applied to the entire surface of the lips, and is closer to the edge.

3. lipstick Colour Elixir Lipstick, in lighter shades of Ruby Tuesday.We draw closer to the center.We say "um", vigorously and rapidly.

4. Finish Max Factor Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss, in the shade Understated.It's a fixer-transparent shine lip.It gives the effect of glossy lips, but not brilliant.

way, the idea caught on.Already in the recent shows of New York Fashion Week in September and presented a collection of spring-summer 2012, the gradient lips make-up takes on a new meaning.

thought it best to make the gradient will look at the full lips, and, if the thickness and the upper and lower lip about the same.If the lips (or a lip) tonkovat, the effect may not be possible.

eyelashes like the pool

advertising slogan "the cilia are long, perfectly separated" in the new season is not quite relevant.Long - yes, necessary.But that's about the separation, there are some doubts.

new style eyelashes called "wet lashes", "eyelashes after the rain" or "lashes after the pool."In general, it is understandable.It is imperative that rich black pigment ink, as well as gloss, creating the effect of wet lashes.The gloss is achieved either carcass quality or special finish.

This new trend is much loved because is simply to abandon excessive rigor while applying mascara, do not monitor the amount of mascara on the brush (there may be a surplus), and such thing as raschesochka for eyelashes and did let waiting for the next season.

Tip: After staining of eyelashes as usual, take the brush with mascara and make a pair of perpendicular movements up and down.The effect is somewhat glued lashes out very easily!

Theatre eyeliner

Dior embodied in the idea of ​​life in their shows.Earlier, the British brand Illamasqua strongly promoted a creative liner.Finally, we can say that it is not only for the brave and daring, but also for all who follow trends.The popularity and the inevitability of the trend says at least the fact that the line of Dior makeup this fall offers the following new product: sticker-liner (but that we have already mentioned).

Here and Japanese Vogue in September proposed bold options podvodok.

And the fact that the knowledge and skills will be useful in the future, we do not doubt.That confirmation came words.And also from New York.Showing Monique Lhullier (spring-summer 2012) was marked by so bright here "arrow".

Well, work it out in the fall reception at the classic black version, and in the spring safely move on to bright neon liners!

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