Synonymous with the word "fast" - that of fifty?

In Russian, the word "fast" refers to the adverb of manner, answers the question "how?"and "how?".Adverbs are not declined and conjugated.They are always the same.Synonyms - words that have the same lexical meaning, but they are written and heard in different ways.The main purpose of synonyms - the ability to avoid the frequent repetition of the same word (which is a stylistic disadvantage), a kind of purification of speech.And the choice of a more accurate, exactly corresponds to this thought, expression.

History of appearance and use of the word "fast»

Etymology explores the emergence of words in the Russian language, brings to its origins.She argues that the word "quick" is derived from the Arabic expression of a complex with the same root, indicating a certain posture at a dashing horseman riding.Here, as elsewhere, the following appropriate synonym for the word "fast" - galloping (or trot).The more remarkable the word "fast"?It is in many compound words is the first part.And formed two kinds of expressions.In the first case of the adverb "quickly": instant, high-speed, high-speed.In the second case, the adjective "fast": quick-, the fleet-footed.

folk roots synonymous with "fast»

This adverb dozens of identical words and phrases: one, two and ready, headlong, like a fire, his legs, and so on .Among them are very interesting.For example, a synonym for the word "quick" as "agile."It can explain, and as "agile" and as "sensible."Or borrowed from the Old Church Slavonic identity "headlong", that the word "meta".Similar in the sense of the word: vigorously, briskly, briskly, briskly. According to experts, can be attributed to the expressive vocabulary of Russian military professional speech.Kind of a synonym to the word "fast» - helluva lot , descended from the verb "Sheba," which means throw, hurl .But the verb "shibanulo" can be attributed to a sharp smell - shibanulo nose .

Such identical within the meaning of the word as racing, motor, salable , once forced to think about moving fast.The expressions "Prytkov", "head over heels", "Suddenly", "stormy", "dashing" leaves ambiguous impression.It is possible to present relevant and other actions: somersaults, dancing, hovering above the ground.Although every synonym for the word "fast" is taken from a special dictionary.Therefore, to talk about the complete identity can not synonyms.Each of them is inherent in its nuance.For example: instantly and trot or salable and reactive .It is easy to imagine different degrees of speed.It is appropriate to speak not about the concepts of identity, and the proximity of interpretation.

Synonyms - the dignity of Russian

Generally, synonyms are indicators of richness, relief, metaphorical and caloric Russian speech.After all, the language of the richer, the more ways you can express the same idea.And our language like no other in the world, has unlimited possibilities for the expression of thought.And the adverb "quickly" (synonym - "hurry", which also can replace dozens of identical expressions) - a good example.You can cite a number of examples such as hastily, on the move, breath .Among Synonyms adverb "quickly" and has borrowed the expression - "Allegro."Imagine this musical term meaning the rate of "quick" as "Presto" - very fast, in everyday speech is difficult.But given away in the form of an order ("Formula of Love": the scene escape Cagliostro with valise treasure at the beginning of the film), it is very understandable and appropriate.

Synonyms for the adjective "quick" as indicators of swiftness

usually synonyms are words that belong to the same part of speech.For all of the above are identical and similar expressions are adverbs.And any synonym for the word "fast" is an adjective.They, too, are countless: lightning fast, quick, swift, efficient .Almost each of the above can be obtained adjective adverb.The difficulties will probably only with the word "headlong".Because the adjective "reckless", derived from the same root as interpreted, rather than as a "fast", but as "thoughtless," "frivolous" or "premature."