The current flag of Jamaica: history, interesting facts

Pearl of the Caribbean, gorgeous island nation of Jamaica has long been considered a tourist paradise.Romance pirate past, the spirit of freedom and comfort of a modern tourism infrastructure - is Jamaica today.Former colony free from the influence of Great Britain in 1962, and it was then drafted the Jamaican flag.The Law on the flag was adopted on Aug. 6, 1962, Independence Day.On this day, the flag of Jamaica for the first time hoisted over the island.Figure banner was chosen by the people of the state in a referendum.

symbolism of color and ornament

The flag depicts a gold saltire that divides the field into two flag green triangle in the vertical plane, and two black - in the horizontal.Each color has its function and symbolism.

Black - it is the people of Jamaica, its mighty power and never-ending creativity.Green - hope and fertile soil, as well as the prospects for a happy and carefree future, thanks to advances with / x.Golden Cross symbolizes the sun's rays as the natural wealth of the country, the main of which are rich deposits of bauxite.By the way, about the black there is a version that is not only a symbol of the people of the country, and transferred them to the difficulties that were not only, but also will be.The green color of the flag of Jamaica is not taken from the European heraldic tradition, and the emerging practice of liberated countries of Africa, which in itself is quite symbolic.

version of the national flag

Jamaica is still part of the British Commonwealth and the British Queen is the nominal head of state.Queen (power) on the island is represented by the Governor General.Prior to the adoption of the flag of an independent state on the banner of the British colony was the traditional red, blue and white British flag in the upper left corner of the blue cloth, and in the lower right corner - coat of arms of Jamaica: an image of two natives in loincloths, crocodile, crowning the British crown, and five pineapples.Colonizers can not be denied an ironic approach to the creation of the state symbols.All the Indians on the island were destroyed by the 1558.

Author arms - William Sanderof.The natives - a man and a woman Arawak.The motto on the emblem of «Out of many, one people» or "Out of many - one people."Some fans rastamanov translate the motto as "a crocodile is a warrior."

In connection with the status of Jamaica as a member of the British Commonwealth, there are still two flag: the flag of the Governor-General of Jamaica - the golden British lion and crown on a blue background and the personal flag of Jamaica to Her Majesty the Queen - English red cross on a white background,Queen's monogram, surrounded by a wreath of roses and Tudor four gold pineapple.

interest here is only a selection of the Tudor rose, despite the fact that this dynasty has long been not ruled Britain.

Interesting facts

Interestingly, in Germany in 2005 after the failure of the election to the Bundestag, German media have taken this as an illustration of the flag of Jamaica, a possible coalition between the three German parties.Black meant conservatives (CDU / CSU), yellow - liberals (FDP), Green - Green Party.It is worth considering that the green and black colors of the flag of Jamaica - it's almost official colors rastamanov, fans of Bob Marley and reggae music.It is often possible to see as wallpaper on your desktop and on T-shirts Flag of Jamaica - photo, which depicts a famous performer of reggae music.