Flag of Bulgaria: Past and Present

said one of the first flags of Bulgaria was portrayed tail of a horse.This figure has remained ever since Khan Asparuh, ruler of the dynasty Dulo.It is he who is considered the founder of the first Eastern European state on the Danube.Military banners Bulgarian Horde inherited Asparuh, and became the first symbols of the country.What has been shown in these webs?One can only dream: spears, horses and mythical creatures ... The colors can also be very different.However, since the flag of Bulgaria has undergone numerous changes in its appearance until appeared finally in front of us the way we are accustomed to seeing.This is very similar to the tricolor Russian, only in the middle of a green bar instead of blue.

Which flag from Bulgaria today?

modern flag was adopted in 1990.It consists of three equal horizontal stripes of different colors: white - top, green - in the middle, at the bottom - red.The ratio of length to width of the cloth was 5: 3.If you've never seen the flag of Bulgaria, the photo above clearly illustrates it.

Tricolor: symbolism

White - the traditional color of the freedom that people of the said country is very, very appreciated.Too difficult to them to obtain it in a hard struggle against the invaders.Over the years, the Bulgarians led a war of liberation against the invaders, thousands of brave warriors died in an unequal battle.Therefore, white symbolizes also the heavens, where the characters get lost.

Green, according to tradition, - the color of the Bulgarian kings and the elite of the nobility.But today, this band also represents the rich nature of the country, the splendor of Stara Planina and the forests of Pirin Mountain.

Red symbolizes the blood of the Bulgarian patriots shed in the struggle for independence.

fairness it should be noted that the flag of Bulgaria in this form exists since 1947, but during the time of the People's Republic (1947-1990) in the corner near the staff, a white band attended also a coat, which was removed in 1990

little history In 1861, it was first recorded use of the tricolor Blgarskoy League, only the color bars are arranged differently: the top - green, the middle - white and red bottom.The same standard was used in the volunteer detachments of Philip Totyu in times of Serbian-Turkish War of 1876-1877 years.In the 70s of the last century such a distribution of colors embodied Revolutionary Central Committee of Bulgaria.The first Constitution of the State (1879) argues that the flag of Bulgaria was almost identical to the Russian one.The colors and layout of the bands were chosen deliberately due to the fact that Russia has taken a very active part in the war with its eastern neighbor Turkey in 1877-1878., And has always supported freedom-loving people in the struggle for independence.Recall, the only difference banners - green line instead of blue.

And, according to one legend, the flag of Bulgaria, that is the color of his tricolor, incorporates the symbolism of flags of the former Army of the ancient state adopted the old days.On the left wing of the old banner of - white stripes, as the embodiment of peace and freedom.Martial spears and swords painted, of course, in the color of blood, which resembled a battle for independence.Green - a symbol of the elite troops, which is located always at the center.This recall is traditionally the color of kings and Bulgaria, and not only in Bulgaria.Legends are right or not - no one is exactly can not say.However, the fact that the current flag of Bulgaria is very similar to the Russian - an indisputable fact!